Feng-Shui for Your Home Office
By Alex Johnson

Not making money? Feeling
lethargic in your home office?
Don’t blame your clients, simply
buy a red modem or move your desk.

Feng shui boils down to a healthy mind in a healthy home office with consequently
happy knock-on effects for all other areas of your life. It’s all about the flow of
ch’i, the life force or vital energy that links us with our surroundings and we want
our ch’i to flow, not be blocked.

First the bad news for home office workers: as ch’i enters your house through the
front door, you should really have your office in the front of the house to take
advantage of the flow of energy. If you're in the back, it's harder for energy to get to
you. Also, sadly, slanty ceilings are a big no-no since they can suppress your

On the plus side, a rectangular-shaped room is considered a great shape and
windows a major bonus (if you don’t have windows you are cutting yourself off
from the world, literally out of touch with your clients and the general zeitgeist of
your work).

Don't put your desk right in line with the door or you will receive all the energy
force coming into the room which may make you a bit nervous. Also think about
interior design -- yellow promotes creativity, blue is soothing, and red gives an
aggressive edge. Your ceiling should be white as a dark color will give you the
impression there are dark clouds circling you.

Most importantly, your working environment is divided into quadrants reflecting
your working life. That all-important wealth quadrant is on the upper left corner of
your office or desk so stick a tiptop bowl of fruit or a nice plant there to help you
financially. Similarly, some experts suggest putting a red object in the same
quadrant. Also think about a good rug. Nothing too big and something darkish is
reminiscent of a pool of water which is of course very relaxing.

Finally, take a look at your furniture. If it’s secondhand then it has ‘predecessor ch’i’
which could be damaging to you if, for example, the previous owner of your chair
went bankrupt.

Meet the author:

Alex Johnson, who lives in the U.K., is a freelance journalist and publisher of
The Shed a free pdf magazine for people who work in sheds or shedlike
atmospheres, and writes a blog about homeworking and shedworking at :
Shedworking. He has been working from home for 10 years. To receive a free copy
of The Shed, email Alex at

Read Alex's HOW profile here.
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