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Alex Johnson
The Shed
United Kingdom

Years working from home:
10 (but with a four year break in the middle)
Hours per week you work: About 36

What kind of business do you have at home?
Editing/writing (journalist).

What did you do before you started a home business?
Trained as a journalist for a newspaper.

What was your biggest challenge in starting your home business?
Choosing where to work in my house.

What has been your biggest challenge staying in business?
The necessity to continue looking for new clients even when working at pretty
much full capacity.

What do you love about working from home?
Easier to spend time with children, no commute, no office politics.

What do you hate about it?
Too near the fridge

How do you inspire or motivate yourself everyday?
By listening to music.

How do you separate home life from
your work life?
I work in a garden office/shed so work
is in a separate building from life

Where is your office in your home?
At the bottom of the garden, next
to the snowdrops.

What is your daily routine?
Take children to school, work, lunch
(sometimes quick visit to pub), work,
pick up children from school.

What is your biggest (or proudest) achievement
so far?
The success of The Shed on a budget of literally nothing

What are you working on right now to grow your business?
Working with similar-minded people in the homeworking industry, nationally and

What advice can you give about starting a home business?
Buy a garden office so you don't have to work with distractions in your house.

If you had to do it all over again, what would you do (or not do)?
I'd have set up a web site/blog earlier.

What do you do for fun when you’re not working?
Play snooker, listen to early music, read, support Telford United (a not very
successful English football club).

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Home Office Weekly Profile: Alex Johnson /Editor & Writer
Alex Johnson
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