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My Own Journey Home

by Marcia Passos Duffy
Publisher & Editor ~ Home Office Weekly

I work from home.  

But I didn't always.  

My previous jobs were in New York City working as a writer and account executive
for medium-size public relations firms.  By the time I left I was an account
supervisor making decent money with a pretty nice office with a scenic view of the
Empire State Building.  I was also smoking two packs of cigarettes a day, drinking a
gallon of coffee, and at one point commuting nearly 2 hours a day to get to work.  

I was stressed to say the least.

I began working from home quite by accident when we moved out of the New York
City metropolitan area into a small city in New England – a deliberate flight away
from the pressures of suburban life.   Once we settled into our new area, I was hired
by my local newspaper as a part-time stringer covering events for several outlying
towns.  When I arrived at the newsroom for my first day at work, I realized I did not
have a desk – or even a computer or a phone.  I had to work out of a conference
room and wait for a computer to free up after deadline.  

I tip-toed up to my editor, who was under the gun to put out the day’s edition of
the newspaper and asked if I could go home and work.  “Sure, go ahead,” he said,
without even looking up.  I headed back home, set up an office, and have not left
since.  While I worked for many years as a correspondent, I soon realized that I
could make more money doing other writing gigs as well.  My home business was

And how does my day look?  I have no one looking over my shoulder (unless, if
you count my non-judgmental house pets).  My commute is approximately a half a
minute to my office.  My co-workers, the cats, are sometimes there before me, and
often vie for a position on my lap or across papers on my desk.  And my office
manager, the dog, promptly falls asleep on her ottoman.  

I check my email, work on various writing projects until noon, when I have lunch
(and share some with the dog).  I continue working until 3:00 when I pick up my
son and my daughter comes home from school.  If the kids have play dates or other
activities, I can squeeze in another hour before dinner.  I sometimes work an hour or
two after the kids have gone to bed, for a total of between 6 to 9 hours a day.   

It is a job where I’m here for my kids.  I enjoy my house.  Watch the changing
seasons from my office window that looks out into our backyard.   I feel connected
to the community.  I don’t miss the office politics, the pressure of dressing for
success, and even the water cooler gossip.  I have found my perfect career.  I can
say, without hesitation, that I love my job.

Yet, having an office under the same roof where you eat and sleep is quite different
from getting up, getting dressed and leaving it all behind during your commute to
an office.  It took me almost three years before I got the balance just right.  Was it
worth it?  Yes.  Would I go back to working for someone else?  Not if I can help it.  
While working at home is not for everyone, if you can make it work it is probably
the best and happiest way to combine your personal and work life.

Meet the writer:

Marcia Passos Duffy is the author of Be Your Own Boss and the owner of
Backporch Publishing.
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