Should You Publish Your Fees on Your Web Site?
by Kendall SummerHawk

Deciding whether to post your fees
on your Web site can create waves
of uncertainty. "If I post them then will
people not contact me because they're
too high? But if I don't post them, will
they be turned off and never contact me?"

There is an advantage and a disadvantage either way.

Post your fees and yes, you run the risk of a potential client thinking "That's too high!"
and passing you by. On the other hand, leaving them off may get your prospective
client to wonder how much it's really going to cost to hire you, then shy away from
investigating further.

The answer?

Sorry, this one is a coin-toss! However, if it's up to me, I say don't post your fees on
your Web site. Here are 3 reasons why:

Reason #1: Is the decision to hire you only based on price?

I sure hope not! Yes, posting your fees on your site tells folks what they can expect to
pay. But it also keeps price high on the list of their criteria. At the end of the day, most
clients make their decision based on other factors more important than price.

Case in point: I never posted my coaching fees on my website, yet I was often hired by
someone to whom my fee was initially out of their price range. After one conversation
focused on the benefits they would receive, they convinced themselves it was worth it
and found a way to pay my coaching fee. Those folks were
always my best clients!

Reason #2: You're goal is to engage your prospective client in a conversation.

Once they begin to know, like, and trust you, they'll see the value you have to offer.
Why let a little ol' thing like price stand in the way of getting into that conversation?

But wait a minute...there's no point in getting your prospective client into a
conversation unless you're prepared to find out—in detail—what problem they want
to solve, what their life/business will look like once it is solved, and what that
solution is really and truly worth to them.

Reason #3: Clients want a price they can justify.

Until you have the opportunity to find out what the value is to them in the solution
you offer, they can't justify spending even a dime. Once you have your prospective
client engaged in a discovery conversation you can ask them, "So why is this
important to you?"

They're likely to open up like you're Aladdin speaking, "Open sesame!" What you're
going to hear are some of the key emotional reasons your prospective client wants to

Let them know they're going to get exactly what they want and the issue of price often
melts like butter in the hot, desert sun.

Obviously, if you're giving a workshop or seminar where everyone is paying the
same price, you'll post it on your website (although not until you've done an
excellent, thorough job of demonstrating the benefits and answering objections). But
for your coaching, designing, consulting, organizing services I recommend leaving
price off and instead spend your precious website copy writing a story that is
deliciously ripe with benefits and paints the picture of the better life they'll experience
with your product or service.

About the author: Kendall SummerHawk, the "Horse Whisperer for Business" delivers smart,
savvy ways entrepreneurs can turn their hectic business into a smooth-running, fun, 6-figure
money-making dream. To learn more about her book, Brilliance Unbridled, and sign up for more
FREE tips like these, visit her site at
Kendall SummerHawk

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