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Kendall SummerHawk
Tucson, Arizona

Years working from home:  
Hours per week you work:  35
Happy at home index: 10 (1 - miserable, 10 – nirvana)
Success at home index: 8 (1-pauper, 10-fabulously wealthy)

What kind of business do you have at home?  
I coach and mentor entrepreneurs to brand, package and price their services so they
can quickly move away from "dollars-for-hours work" and create more money,
time, and freedom in their businesses.

What did you do before you started a home business?  
Worked for start-up companies in healthcare.

Why did you start a home business, and why this particular business?  
Because my mom always said I should work for myself (she did, and was very
successful with a home based business). I started this business because I love
marketing, branding and helping business professionals turn their expertise into
lucrative, highly rewarding programs and information products.

What was your biggest challenge in starting your home business?  
Feeling credible.

What has been your biggest challenge staying in business?  
None now. Originally, my biggest challenge was finding my niche and what people
really wanted to buy.

What do you love about working from home?  
Seeing my horses out my office window!

What do you hate about it?   
Nothing! I love what I do and am thrilled I am have such a highly lucrative business
helping other business owners succeed.

How do you inspire or motivate yourself everyday?  
I have detailed daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals that keep me very focused.
On a daily basis, I just think of the people I get to coach and connect with and that
gets me going!

How do you separate home life from your work life?  
This is a tough one, since my husband also works with me in my business. We don't
talk about business at lunch or in bed. And, we have specific meeting times to work
out business plans.

Where is your office in your home?  
In a converted bedroom.

What is your daily routine?  
I spend my morning riding one or two of our horses, then
writing for one hour. My husband and I have a great lunch
together (he loves to cook and I don't so that works out
perfectly). Then I work on my projects. I answer email
starting about 3 in the afternoon and finish up by 6:30.
I only work Mon-Thurs each week. A lot of my success
is because I focus on only doing the things I do best in my
business and I outsource to my virtual assistants
everything else.

What is your biggest (or proudest) achievement so far?  
Writing my book, Brilliance Unbridled. And, knowing I have helped thousands of
business owners charge more, get focused, and turn what they love into a viable

What are you working on right now to grow your business?  
Creating more opportunities for people to coach with me in my different coaching
circle master mind programs, and getting P.R.

What advice can you give about starting a home business?
Get into a Master Mind program or hire a business coach right away! Otherwise,
you'll make yourself crazy wondering if you're doing the right thing. And, be
BOLD! Being hesitant won't work. Lastly, look closely at how you spend your time
every day. If you focus on spending your time on activities that put you "closest to
the money" you will succeed.

If you had to do it all over again, what would you do (or not do)?  
Fire difficult clients sooner! And, focus on a niche market and what problem I solve

What do you do for fun when you’re not working?  
Ride my horses every day, read (I am always reading 2-3 books at a time), take hot
baths and watch movies!

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