Mission Complete? If you often feel like
you've barely skimmed the surface of
what you should have accomplished on a
given work day, Jason Womack has a
secret for you. He says that when you
learn to "know when you're done" with
projects, tasks, and everything the work
day throws at you, you'll free up a lot
more time to focus on those things that
truly matter.

The Art of Starting Over
When that meeting or conversation gets
off to a rocky start -- whether tense words
are exchanged or you just don't seem to be
connecting -- it's time to push the reset
button. Andrew Sobel, author of Power
Questions, reveals the phrase that can turn
it all around.

How Do You Balance Working from
Home & Raising Kids? Do you put your
children first ... or do you go for the "just
a minute honey!" line and hope
they can't tell time?

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