Create Abundance: Use the Good Dishes
By Jim Donovan

In the past I've written about the ideas
of putting yourself in the essence of what
you want. For example, if you want to feel
rich and successful, go to a high-class
hotel even to just have a cup of tea in the lobby. This will put you in the essence of
luxury without costing you a lot of money. You can go to a very expensive
restaurant and have a glass of wine or mineral water at the bar or table. Again, it
does not cost much but puts you in the surroundings of opulence.

Recently it occurred to me that many of us can take this a step further and enjoy the
things that we already have. Things that represent what we want to attract into our
lives. For example, how many of us use our "good dishes or china" when there's no
company? Why not? Don't we deserve to enjoy what we have too? This occurred to
me recently as I was passing through our dinning room, a room we tend to use only
for special occasions. In this lovely room, we have a big china closet full of beautiful
glassware that, for the most part, just sits around and collects dust. It became
obvious to me that one way to attract more luxury and fine things into my life is to
use and appreciate those things we already have.

Remember, what you focus on expands. Therefore, by appreciating and being
grateful for the luxury you already have, however much or little that may be, you"ll
begin to attract more of the same. My wife Georgia and I have made a pact, to use
our dinning room, china and all, at least once a month. This is just for the two of us.
I don't care if we're eating pizza, we're eating it on the good china.

By using and valuing that which you already have, not only will you attract more
but you will have had a better experience in the interim.

Meet the author: Jim Donovan is a Reclaim Your Life Coach, author and
inspirational speaker. More information and a free copy of his newsletter, Jim's
Jems, is available
at Jim Donovan.
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