Scarcity or Abundance? Neither!
By Robert Middleton

I was watching a very interesting show (I think on PBS) last night about the mortgage
crisis, how it came about, and what the
consequences have been.

The bottom line was very simple: Greed.

It's easy to point the finger at the mortgage companies and the
investment houses that
packaged these mortgages, along with
several other players in this tragic drama.

But you and I, the American consumer, are equally responsible.

Somewhere we bought into the notion that, "You can have it all!"
This led to borrowing
on our home equity to pay off other loans
with the belief that the value in our houses
would keep on
increasing forever.

Well you know how that worked out!

I succumbed as well. I refinanced my home and bought a condo
in Mexico. Now, it's
really nice and a great getaway (although we
don't get away much!) but the downside
is the $2K plus
additional monthly mortgage payment.

Now I'm doing OK and haven't missed a payment, but I'm also
noticing that
Independent Professionals are tightening their belts and spending a little less online
these days.  

Now there are a few ways to react to all of this.

One way is to go into "scarcity mode" where you worry that it's all
going to fall apart.
Then every decision, every action is based on
fear which leads to inaction and

Another way is to turn on "abundance mode" which it to see every
adversity as an
opportunity and to turn on the creative juices and
push harder than ever to advance on
any setbacks you may have

Well, scarcity mode definitely doesn't work. I'd recommend
working hard to get past
that one as soon as possible.

But I'm not sure abundance mode is the answer either. After all,
wasn't this the mode
that got us into this mess in the first place?

Isn't abundance just a more polite name for greed?

Think about it. In abundance mode you visualize the money you
will make, all the
things you will buy, the home renovations you
will do. It's a very strong driver. And I
assure you that the
mortgage lenders, bankers, and Wall Street firms were very much
into that mode for several years.

But with abundance mode, all you're left with is a lot of stuff! And
then you go into
survival because you're afraid of losing that stuff.  

Scarcity and abundance are just two sides of the same coin.

Perhaps there's a "middle mode" that's a lot more sustainable.

I call it "contribution mode."

When we're in contribution mode we are balanced. We are not
thinking first about
what we can get for ourselves, but what value
we can provide for others.

What we offer isn't quick-fixes and smoke and mirror marketing
strategies. We offer
services, programs, and products that really
deliver on their promise. These services
help our clients build solid
skills they can use for a lifetime. These programs provide a
foundation for their careers, relationships, and lives.

Now, I must admit, contribution mode is not very popular. It's not very sexy. It
doesn't promise instant riches. It takes work and
dedication and trial and error.

On the other hand, contribution mode is deeply fulfilling and
satisfying. When we're
in contribution mode, we're making a
 difference, we are providing substantial value
and we can sleep
soundly at night knowing this.

Not only that, in contribution mode, we build our wealth slowly but surely. We don't
risk everything we have on a long shot. We
don't live beyond our means. We buy
quality products that last a
long time. We make our priority our loved ones and those
who are
less fortunate than us.

I invite you to step into contribution mode. The water's fine!

By Robert Middleton of Action Plan Marketing. Please visit Robert's web site at  for additional
marketing articles and resources on marketing for professional service businesses.

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