How Are Your Relationships Affecting Your Business and Your Life?
By Steve Scott

As an entrepreneur, you may not think
about the number of different
relationships that you are in.  However,
the relationships that you are in will
actually affect the quality of your
business, your life and your success.  
You may have never wondered what
your supportive girlfriend or your
brilliant mentor has done for your
career before.

To get clarity you need to put
your relationships into one of three
categories.  Are they nice, nasty
or necessary?  If they are nice you may
want to expand them.  If they are nasty
you must look for ways of limiting them
or deleting them.  If they are necessary
then these need to be limited.

The facts are that discouraging and disbelieving people will de-energize and de-focus
you while positive, uplifting ones will move you to your goals quicker.  Regardless,
the truth is that relationships do have a huge effect on you and your life.

Relationships with Like Minded Entrepreneurs

When you have relationships with other entrepreneurs who are motivated, ambitious
and confident, you will benefit greatly.  You are exposed to this positive business
thinking and it affects you positively.

It's similar to kids in school.  If a child is involved with a group of children who are
very smart and motivated to make good grades, they will inspire him or her to do well
also.  That child will want to make good grades, will have the secrets for making good
grades and will have a positive support system in place in order to help make good

This is the same way you will be affected when you spend time with entrepreneurs
like the ones described above.  So, appreciate your friends and business associates
who are very smart and motivated!  They are, after all, helping your own career or
business to grow.

Relationships with Those Who are Lacking in Motivation and Confidence

When you have relationships with people who have low motivation, self-confidence or
ambition, they will affect your life and your career negatively.  Taking the same
comparison with children, if a child spends time with children who don't want to
behave, who are lazy and do not do schoolwork or homework and who don't care
about their grades, that child will be affected.  He or she will feel pressure to be like
the rest of the group and will eventually begin to display characteristics like those of
the other kids.  This child will most likely start to receive bad grades and do poorly in
school as well.   

This is the same for an entrepreneur.  Those who are around entrepreneurs who are
disorganized, unmotivated and who have other negative traits will be dragged down
along with them.

Take care with what kind of relationships you form and the people that you spend
time with.  The way they affect you can end up boosting your career or costing you
your career.  It is important to remember that you can always spend more money, but
you can't spend more time.  Look at your relationships and the time you are investing
in them.  When you do you will better use your time to chart the course for your

About the author:

Steve Scott is a business/life coach and a business development consultant. He
specializes in teaching entrepreneurs and solo and sales professionals to create their
own unique success stategies-bringing them balance, more freedom and greater

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