Do You Lack Passion for Your Home Business?
By Lisa Paredes

The question I pose may sound
alarming, but what if you don't have
that much passion for the home business you run? What if you are just settling for the
business you have? What if you are tired and burned out from your business?

Keep reading because I'm about to give you some brutally honest thoughts on this
topic that just might change your whole outlook on your business.

What Don't You Like About Your Business?

We all have certain tasks that we don't like to manage in our businesses. Guess what?
You don't have to manage that part of your business if you absolutely hate doing it. If
you find yourself saying, "I hate dealing with customers online," consider outsourcing
that task. You shouldn't be the only worker in your business. Instead, be the business
owner, the person who comes up with the overall ideas and plans, the one who drives
the company into greatness. An owner should not feel that it's necessary to run every
aspect of the business.

Now if you are outsourcing the tasks you hate and you're STILL having nothing but
negative thoughts about your business, you really need to step back and ask yourself
why you still own your business. Is it ONLY for the money?

Learn from My Mistake

I once owned a business that sold jewelry online. The mistake I made was entering a
niche for which I lacked great passion. Sure, you can run a business and not like one
thing about the niche you've entered, but guess what? If you do this, your business
will not thrive and grow. You won't have the drive. You won't have the excitement and
joy of doing something you love. When you don't have passion and joy for your
business, you begin to feel unfulfilled, bored, and tired. This is why it is imperative
that you LOVE the business you're in.

I'll bet you're wondering what I did with my jewelry business. Well, I decided to get
out of the niche. Earning money from that business was not enough to keep me going.
I didn't want to keep working on a business I truly didn't enjoy. Running a business
that you hate is like being in a loveless marriage. You keep telling yourself that it will
work when you know in your heart that it will NOT.

This rule can be applied to your whole life, too. Don't settle for things or do things that
you don't enjoy. When you settle, you're stopping yourself from getting something
you truly desire. Settling for things can keep you in a crappy job, keep you in an
unhealthy relationship, and stop you from being happy. You deserve the best, so
reward yourself and give yourself permission to be HAPPY!


Here's a great idea: do what you love and what makes you HAPPY! Money can make
you somewhat happy, but to feel truly successful and fulfilled, a person needs to have
passion and joy, too.

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