Six Steps to More Money
By Robert Middleton

How can you make more money in your
home business? A lot more money.
As much money as you can spend with some left over for long-term savings. Throw
in nice vacations, a few luxuries and private schools for your kids.

I'm not talking filthy rich, but very comfortable. Imagine not having to save for that
new laptop. You just buy it. Major home renovations? No problem. An emergency
expenditure? No longer a disaster. How much more would you have to make than
you're making now? Would you have to double or triple your income to reach your
financial goal and have money no longer be a major issue for you?

This isn't the world's most comfortable conversation is it? It makes us squirm a little
when we talk about money. We feel it's kind of crass.

But I'm bringing it up because I believe that in your heart of hearts, that's one of the
main things you want from your business. You want financial independence. You
want to be rich.

And at the same time you want your business to make a difference, to make a
contribution, to give you the freedom to do something you love. You want your
business to be ethical, to offer great service and nurture both your head and your

But it's not unusual to think we can't have both.

I'm here to tell you that you can. You can have a business that makes more money
than you ever thought possible - without losing your soul, without compromising
your values.

And you can have fun doing it! Certainly more fun than almost anything else you can
do (other than spending quality time with your family and close friends).

However you won't get there with luck, good connections, hard work, perseverance
or even great marketing strategies. Sure, all of those are nice to have, but they don't
guarantee success.

So, what does?

It only took me twenty years to crack the code on this one, but here it is in a nutshell:
The formula to get everything you want and deserve in your business and your life
consists of six deceptively simple but powerful steps.

1. Set a clearly defined goal for exactly what you want - in your business and in
your life.
Write it down. Make it real in every possible way *inside your mind*
(thoughts, feelings, images).

2. Identify those thoughts that are holding you back (because nothing else can hold
you back) and rigorously question their validity until they loosen their grip on you.

3. Let your imagination run wild to discover ways you can make your goal become
real. Brainstorm and research all the possible avenues for making your aim a reality.

4. Create a detailed and organized plan that will lead to the realization of your
dreams. Copy success by following proven strategies that have worked for others.
You don't have to re-invent the wheel.

5. Manage your time and resources so that the key action items find their way onto
your calendar and get completed in a timely manner. Put your focus on the top
priorities and move them steadily forward, avoiding distractions.

6. Seek out and take advantage of all the support you can get with the five steps
outlined above. Realize that it is impossible to accomplish your goal completely
alone. Find a mentor, coach or mastermind group to keep you on track.

That's it. Six steps. Repeat as necessary.

There are many domains of success (art, science, athletics, business, etc.), but if you
want rapid advancement, I recommend you employ the above six steps without
exception. If you want to make a lot more money than you're making now, this is
where you need to start.

The domain I've practiced for over twenty years is how to grow your business, attract
more clients and make more money by effectively marketing your professional
services. I've had some success at it.

If you are serious about earning both riches and fulfillment as an independent
professional, make the commitment to learn and master the six steps to realizing
your dreams. There's really no other way.

About the author: Story written by Robert Middleton of Action Plan Marketing. Please visit
Robert's web site at
Action Plan Marketing for additional marketing articles and resources on
marketing for professional service businesses.
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