11 Great Ways To Make Someone's Day
By Kim McGinnis

Giving feels good. Whether it is
a beautifully wrapped gift or
a genuine smile it is a wonderful
feeling knowing that you made
the recipient's day a little brighter.
In an effort to help you come up
with some creative ways to give
here is my list:

1. The next time you go out to eat by
yourself, leave a really big tip
. If your
meal was $10.00 leave a $10.00 tip. Write
a nice note on the back of the check
or on a napkin that the server can read.
Express your appreciation for the great
service they provided. Use their name
on the note for a personal touch -- their
name is usually typed somewhere on
the check

2. Put a greeting card in your neighbor's mailbox. It doesn't have to be a holiday or
special occasion. In fact, it is often more meaningful to reach out with an unexpected
gift on a seemingly ordinary day. This lets your recipient know that he/she is not
alone, and that there really are angels out there.

3. Seek out a manager to compliment an employee. You could be out clothes shopping
and appreciate the extra help in finding the pants that you were looking for. Or maybe
you are at the bank and you want to give recognition to the teller that always
remembers your name. Express to the manger what an asset this person is to the

4. Take some of your really nice items to Goodwill. It is easy and freeing to give away
things that you do not like or have grown tired of. Why not step it up and give away
something that you really love. Maybe it's a cute top that you have only worn once. Or
maybe it's a painting that inspires you. To give something away that you feel attached
to means so much - to you and the recipient.

5. Give fresh flowers. Get a lovely bouquet of something particularly bright, like
sunflowers. Visit an elderly care center in your area and visit someone. Ask the
receptionist if there is someone that lives there that has no family, or does not have a lot
of visitors. Visit your new friend, sit down with them, talk, and listen.

6. Go online and give positive feedback to posts that you like. Have no thought of
self-promotion when you do this. If you really appreciate a sentiment expressed in the
post, let the writer know. Share how it made you feel and what you learned.

7. Do not talk publicly on your cell phone. Practice this the next time you are at a
coffee shop, a bookstore, the gym, or someplace where you are in close proximity to
others. Those next to you will appreciate your discreet display of courtesy.

8. Give your accountant a gift around tax time. This is a very high-pressure time for
these folks, and they are used to being on the end of a lot of hostility. Throw them a
curve ball with a box of chocolates, a coffee mug with a smiley face, or a gift card to Ben
and Jerry's.

9. Make a new person feel welcome. Maybe you have a new employee at work, or a
new person in the neighborhood, or a new member in your networking group -
whatever the case, walk over and give them a warm welcome. Let them know you are
there if they have any questions or if they would like to get together for a cup of coffee.

10. Leave an anonymous donation. Purchase a sheep for a needy family, contribute a
computer, or help save an endangered species. When you give anonymously, your gift
has extra positive energy attached to it. This means that someone will receive an
unexpected gift that they will perceive as a miracle.

11. Plant a tree. Planting trees is a great way to enhance the beauty of an environment.
They also provide shade in the Summer and warmth in the Winter. In addition, they
add value to the community. When you plant a tree in your yard (or anywhere) you
will be leaving a wonderful creation behind that will be enjoyed by future generations.

These are just a few examples you can ponder and act on when the spirit moves you.
Just do not wait too long. The sooner you spread the love to someone, the sooner that
person can spread the love to someone else.

About the author:

Kim McGinnis is a freelance writer and entrepreneur. Her website ...a zen gift
www.AZenGift.com offers products that support a zen lifestyle-from yoga &
meditation supplies to natural health remedies & much more!
Also visit Kim at:
www.ZenFireflies.com. Come see these amazing,dancing Zen
Fireflies for yourself.

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