Your Intuition Could Save You Money!
By Audrey Burton

Have you ever gotten that little feeling
that you should not do business with
someone?  When you ignored it, what
happened?  It seems we all learn
this lesson the hard way.

For me, I have taken on clients that were way more trouble than the revenues I
received, and I have invested my precious marketing budget in campaigns that
returned far less than I spent.  The good news is I have never made the same mistake
twice.  In addition, I have learned a great deal from each experience and can use that
education to help my clients to not repeat my mistakes!

So what is intuition?  

The vast majority of people on the
Internet say that it is a compilation of all the
knowledge and experiences one has, accompanied by a recognition of patterns.  Using
your intuition can save you a lot of angst -- and money.

Most of my clients are much more capable in making wise business decisions than
they believe they are.  You have probably also been exposed to a lot more learning
experiences than you realize.  Marketing is everywhere.  You see and hear marketing
messages everywhere you go and are learning from them, whether you recognize it or
not.  The problem is that the data are not organized in any usable format.

When faced with an unfamiliar decision, what do you do?  Not decide?  Always say
'no' when you're not sure?  Say 'yes' even though you're not sure?  It pays to gather
information and listen to your instincts.

Last year I allowed a woman to hire me against my better judgment, as my mother
would say.  I wanted the income.  She constantly changed her mind and blamed me for
all of her problems, calling and e
-mailing over and over, even through the weekends.  

I spent a lot of hours working with her even though we only met twice before I had to
let her go.  I am very glad she lives outside the country because she actually frightened
me a little.

Fortunately, I did not get harmed in any way and I learned a lot about myself and
listening to my intuition, but many times it doesn't end that well.  I have seen many
people ignore their little voice and spend more than they could really afford with no
return on their investment.

It is very easy to get convinced by an 'expert' and listen to them over your own

Has this happened to you?  You feel that because they know so much more about
business than you do, they must know what they're talking about.

Probably most of the marketing experts you encounter do know a lot about some
things and are the perfect match for some people, but not always for you.  If you need
definitive proof to back up your intuition, ask hard questions.  For example, "Have
you ever worked with anyone in my industry or a similar industry before? How did
you help them? Exactly how much did their sales increase? May I talk with them?"  
Then check their references.

If you do not get satisfactory answers, walk away.  Most of the time, when your
instincts are talking to you, just listen and find someone else to help you.

If you have a hard time tuning into your inner voice, find a quiet place and think
about the decision.

Trust that your instincts will come through for you and they will.  For some this means
meditation, for others just sleeping on it for a day or two will cause the clear decision
to appear.  I do my best thinking in the shower.

According to Lois D. Isenman, Dept. of Physiology, Tufts University School of
Medicine in Newton, MA, "...often it is necessary to quiet the logical mind to
encourage the intuitive mode."  She studies intuition and also said, "...different
meanings of the word intuition all share the idea that the events or processes referred
to occur in the absence of conscious will."

So, if you think too hard you might not be able to allow your intuition to do its thing!  
Relax and trust yourself.  Much of the time the answer is there, even if you have to
wait a little while for it.

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