My Top 10 Favorite Productivity Tools
By Heather Dominick

So many entrepreneurs try to do it
all and get frustrated by all the time it takes. I’m often asked, "How do you do it?
You have a full private client load, coach 16 members in your Boot Camp, write a
newsletter every other week, attend events, speaking engagements..." Well, I have a
lot of systems in place that allow me room to create new opportunities all of the
time, without feeling overwhelmed. (I really HATE that feeling.)

While I know that there are dozens of time management techniques, I wanted to give
you 10 of my straight-from-my-bookmark-bar favorite tools to use that save me tons
of time and energy. Yes, I’m totally giving them to you! Here are 10 free/small fee
(and good) productivity tools to get your tasks movin’ quickly.

Shorten Your URL’s
Save lots of email space and be sure your ezine readers, clients and email recipients
easily get a URL that you are sending them (some of those URL’s are REALLY long).
This is also good if you are sending a link that has multiple connections (like
affiliate links).

Format Your Text
Keep email text in tight, easy-to-read rows. For example, in my shopping cart
system, I can’t send out text that is longer than 60 characters – the system doesn’t
send it properly. To help quickly align my message, I use this invaluable tool:

Track Your Ranking
Are people visiting your web site? You can check your visit ranking by quickly
dropping by

Write Powerful Headlines for Your Sales Copy
Oh, this is truly one of my favorites! Sometimes this is not a time saver because I can
get obsessed with this fabulous little tool, but for the most part it’s a true gem! Check
and re-check how effective your headlines are (the most important element in
writing get-results-copy) and if the energy of the words matches your target market.

Send Files Easily
I use this pretty much every week to send large files to my EnergyRICH™ Client
Relationship Manager, Naomi. Anything that is too big for email: photos, audios,
large documents, can all be sent from here easy-breezy!

Action Words
Did you know that sales copy with more verbs has a higher conversion rate than
copy with more adjectives? I always write from the heart, but when I need help with
action words I go straight to this page:

Time Maps
I coach with people from all over the United States (and starting soon, with someone
who lives in Australia), so I always want to be clear what time zone they are in.
Being a visual person, this tool is great to quickly get a sense of where someone is
calling in. I love it. It also keeps me on top of showing up for appointments!

Time Check
This little guy helps me to keep track of how much time I’m spending on a project—
like writing this article. :) It just sits on my desk top and gently reminds me, like a
friend, of when too much is too much.
(if you use a PC)

Submit Articles, 1-2-3
This tool is completely worth the small fee. It saves hundreds of dollars in time and
marketing. Be out there in a BIG way by submitting your article just ONCE and then
having it sent to multiple article banks for you. SO worth it.

Post Your Teleclasses and Seminars
Are you a *serious* marketer? Online success comes down to one thing -> learning!
Stay on top of the latest teleclasses and seminars and post your own with this great
tool. Subscribe now and claim your 10% discount:

About the author: Heather Dominick is founder of the EnergyRICH Success System™, the
proven step-by-step program to help you achieve your most profitable business and energized
life. To sign up for her freebie how-to articles and no-charge teleclasses on how to create an
EnergyRICH™ solo-preneur business, visit
Energy Rich Coach.
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Favorite Productivity Tools