It's Time for Organizing Your Time
By Lee Dobbins

Our routine, lifestyle, even the most
important decisions we make
are somewhat time related.
Time is indeed our life.

Time is an infinite resource that we can neither save nor find a substitute to. It is a
resource that both the rich and poor were born with. All of us are given an equal
amount of it every day. It is up to us how we use it.

Our success or failure depends on how we spend it. Although we know that we should
not waste time, we sometimes find ourselves running out of it and thus pay the
consequences. When it has passed, we can never go back.

So how do we make time work for us, instead of us trying to keep up with it? Some
enterprising people, who have found the "secret of time", are now making money by
providing time management courses or writing books that discuss how we can
organize our schedules . And a lot of us, recognizing the value of time, give in to these
people to improve our life by utilizing time effectively. But is there really a secret? Do
we really don't know what to do to manage our time effectively?

Let me give you a checklist to find out if indeed we are clueless when it comes to
organizing our time.

1. Recognize the Importance of Time

You may say that this is the main reason why I am reading this; it is because I am
aware how important time is in my life. But are you really aware? How many times
during the day have you postponed you chores or deferred making a decision? You
spend time in thinking what should be done today but do you do it? Know how
important time is in your life and do something about it. Avoid procrastination and act

2. Identify the reasons why you waste your time

It may be because you have poor habits or you are trying to do too much and the tasks
that you have are not proportional to your available time. Or you do not simply know
your priorities.

Sometimes being a perfectionist, waste your time too or doing something without the
necessary skills to do the task is also a misuse of this invaluable resource. Even the
simple facts of life like commuting or attending functions are time consuming.

Make a list of the reasons why you waste your time and do something about it.
Remember, be honest when making your list.

3. Work out a strategy of how to use your time effectively

This is just a continuation of the previous number. When you have identified the
reasons, you can now devise the solutions that will work for you. It can be having a
planner or a to-do list. It may also be eliminating some habits or a change of lifestyle.
What ever it is, always remember that there is no generic tool that has a 100 per cent
rate. Your strategy has to be tailor-made to suit your personality, lifestyle and your
environment. Make use of the available resources like technology (PDA, PC
organizers, etc.) and learn some new habits to make your solution successful.

4. Be aware of our responsibilities and objectives

This can be summed up in one word - PRIORITIZE.

5. Ask for help

When you have made you list and you have identified your priorities and objectives in
life, you can now enlist other people's help. Get your family and friends involve, hey
even the kids can help. Delegate your other tasks so you can concentrate on your
priorities without worrying about the little things like watering the plants, feeding the
dog, or even paying the utilities. You will be amazed how helpful some extra hands
can be in your day.

The points that I have raised are simple reminders on how we can effectively organize
our time and our life. You do not need experts to tell you what your priorities are.
Even their courses and books will not be effective unless you pin point the reasons
why you find yourself running out of time. What time is it? It is time to act and get
yourself organized.

About the author: Lee Dobbins writes for Organize Biz Review where you can learn more about
organizing -- from organizing your home, to organizing your office to organizing your life.
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