How to Get More Done in Less Time
by Heather Dominick

Have you ever had the feeling of having
so much to do that your head spins,
your energy feels drained and all action
just stands still?

Here's why: most of us have been taught to approach our tasks from only a head point
of view. There's great productivity power in engaging your energy as a primary
task-management tool.

Here's a step-by-step process that has you using your energy to get more results, more

1) Make a list of "To-Do Tasks" for the day

2) Survey your list and for each task register for yourself what your "energy hit" is on
a scale of 1 - 10.

For example:

Task: Place follow-up call to person I met networking
Hit: 2 = I'm dreading this!

3) Engage thoughts to "Amp-up Your Energy."

What are you silently or secretly telling yourself about the task that has you feeling
low energy about it and as a result avoiding it? What's an alternate
thought/perspective that now has you feeling jazzed about the task? (You're more
likely to do something you're excited about, right?)

4) Thoughts still stuck? Engage "Purposeful Movement."

Again, most overwhelm comes from getting so caught in your head about what you
think you "should", "have to" or "ought to" be doing. Taking just 5 minutes to step
away and engage, some sort of physical movement (I use a small bouncy-ball almost
everyday!) immediately creates a shift in your energy and opens you up to receive
"Inspired Action" i.e.
, a thought that could never come to you while stuck in your head.

5) Keep track of the evidence of the inspired actions that come to you using this

This keeps you from slipping back into the old habitual from your head only approach
and gets you more excited so more happens more quickly.

About the author:
Heather Dominick, is founder of the EnergyRICH® Success System for
Entrepreneurs, the proven step-by-step program to help you partner your inner and outer
approach to business for profitable productivity that is fused with JOY! To sign up for her freebie
how-to articles and no-charge teleclasses on how to create an EnergyRICH® Business as a
WomenPreneur, visit
Energy Rich

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