Go for the Goal in Your Business: Get Organized!
by Barb Friedman

I love it when the team I root for scores
a touchdown! What a thrill, what a great
feeling, what a high!

What does this have to do with home office organization? Everything! I also love it
when I have completed a task, reached a goal, and used my time effectively. I get a
rush – a great feeling when the adrenaline is pumping because I’ve accomplished a
task that was necessary to increase my productivity.t would be nice to feel that way
most of the time. Is that possible in a home office setting? You bet it is. It’s all about
outlining goals and implementing procedures to achieve the end result, just like
when a team moves the ball down the field toward the end zone.

In football, players work as a team. They plan each play, make decisions based on
weaknesses or strengths of their opponents, and determine the best use of their
possession to get closer to the goal. Sometimes, however their plan doesn’t work.
They huddle together and re-evaluate. Why didn’t it work? How can they overcome
the shortfall? What can they do to make the best use of their next turn?

Teams play together and are accountable to each other. That is powerful. Even if you’
re a one-person shop, being accountable to a spouse, friend, colleague or peer can
help you achieve your goals. Chances are there are others to whom you can confide
and share ideas and goals.

Make a plan.  

Accomplishing your goals requires the same framework as a football team. First you
must identify what your goals are in each area of your life. You will have personal,
career, relationship, health, financial, and family goals. Take time to consider what
you have listed and determine which rank as your most time-sensitive and important
priorities. You may have 3 or 4 “top” choices. Break each goal down into small tasks;
if you’re a die-hard football fan, break each goal into four downs. What needs to be
done in order to reach each goal?

Omit things that get in your way.

Try to eliminate obstacles in your path. As you begin your journey to organization,
you will have to re-evaluate like our football team. Some things will go as planned,
yet others will need to be revised because of life’s events that we cannot control.

Share your goals with someone, even if you’re the only person in the office.

When you become accountable to another person, it solidifies your dreams.

Goals need to be measurable, attainable, and well-defined.

Often times we do not achieve desired results because our goals are too vague. Be as
specific as possible. Set a time frame, schedule small tasks in your planner and go for

A goal is a dream with a deadline.  Go for the goal!

About the author: Barb Friedman, president of Organize IT has prepared for her role as a
professional organizer all of her life. She has been creating and implementing innovative
solutions for individuals and businesses for more than 16 years. Barb has developed a variety of
systems and solutions that can be applied to any organizing problem. Get organizing tips, ideas
articles and more at the
Organized IT web site.
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