Creating Your Dream Home Office Space
By Kristie Tamsevicius

With the freedom of your
work-at-home career, also come the challenges. The sink is full of dishes, your son left
his crayons /on your desk, and the laundry is piled up in the corner. A well designed
home office can help you transition from the role of domestic goddess to high power
entrepreneurial executive. Just like Clark Kent changes in the phone booth to become
Superman, as you enter your office space, you turn into queen of your home business
empire.Instantly your mind shifts from the laundry list of household chores, to
strategies for earning that big check next month and enjoying a hard earned Hawaiian

But how can you plan the perfect workspace; one that keeps you organized, inspires
you, and boosts your productivity? Here with some rules of thumb to follow when
designing your home office space.

Plan a space that meets your needs.

• Space: Imagine your dream space. You have the freedom to create the space of your
dreams Where is it? What items do you need to have in it? Some questions to ask
yourself are: what equipment you’ll need, what things you’ll have to store, and how
much privacy you’ll need. Do you need to stay close so you can keep an eye on the
kids? Do you need a meeting space? Will you have customers or other consultants
stopping by?

• Location. Choose a space in your home that best supports those needs. Whether it’s a
space bedroom, a corner of the living room, a large closet, an attic or a converted
garage; find a room that that has enough space for the equipment and furniture you

• Storage. While not every direct seller needs to keep inventory on hand, those that do
know that having an organized space to store product is critical. Make sure that space
you choose has ample room for shelving and storage. Think about the items you
handle on a day to day basis in your business. Now make a list of the items. Do you
need a bookshelf or wall holders for catalogs and brochures? With the proper space
and containers too keep your office tidy and you’ll have a clutter free, organized work

• Furniture. Next it’s time to outfit your work space with a desk, bookcase, and filing
cabinets. Today with the boom in home based careers, there is such a variety of office
furniture to choose from. Whether it’s a simple desk, an office armoire, or a complete L-
shaped unit, make sure you’ll have the desktop space you need to keep key items at
your fingertips. Dare to splurge a little on getting yourself a comfortable and
ergonomically supportive chair. It’s a back-saving and worthwhile investment.

• Equipment. Plan a spot to put your computer, phone, and fax. Buying an all-in-one
printer/scanner/fax machines is a smart choice that saves you desktop space and

Put it together it a way that makes sense.

• Placement.
Decide What Goes Where. Place key equipment in a way to flows with
the way that you work.

• Organization. One great way to stay organized is to create centers for the tasks you
frequently perform. For instance you might want to put all your brochures, order
forms, and catalogs together in one place. Other “centers” may include a mailing
center, a faxing center, and a printing center. Boxes and bins are great for keeping
smaller office supplies organized.

• Ergonomics. Place your keyboard, lighting, and monitor at proper heights. By being
good to your body, you can function at peak performance without tiring as quickly or
getting injured from incorrect positioning.

Create an inspiring atmosphere you’ll love.

• Personalize.
Now’s the chance you have been waiting for to create the office of your
dreams. Make your office a space that truly inspires you. Little things make such a
difference. Choose a paint color that brings you joy. Pamper yourself with treasured
photos, candles, and artwork on the wall. Add a touch of romance and a dash of color
with a potted plant or vase with flowers on your desk. Finally, having inspirational
quotes, a dream map, and visual reminders of your goals can be powerful tools to
keep you motivated and on the track to success.

• Clean and tidy. There’s nothing like starting the day with a clean desk. Try to get in
the routine of either cleaning your desk at the end of the day, or doing a 5 minute tidy
first thing in the morning. By having a place for everything and everything in its place,
it’s easy to stay organized and be more efficient.

• Lighting. Don’t skimp on lighting. In addition to creating ambiance in the room,
proper lighting keeps you from straining your eyes. In addition to having enough
overhead lighting, you’ll also want task lighting. Today there’s a wonderful selection
of stylish and functional lamps to choose from.

Start your Dream Office Today!

What are you waiting for? Get a jumpstart on your home office now by taking the
following actions in the next 48 hours.

• Walk around your home and visualize your office. What space feels good and
inspiring to you? Where can you see yourself spending a lot of time and loving it?
Choose the perfect space and clear it out.

• Flip through catalogs and magazines. Clip pictures of furniture, décor, and items
you’d like to include in your dream office. By getting crystal clear on the intricate
details of your perfect workspace, it makes it easier to spot those items as you come
across them.

• Shop around and look for smart buys. Scan the newspapers, store fliers, and online
office store coupons for sales and special offers.

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