Make Your Home Office Child Proof
By Naz Daud

Running a business from home can be
hazardous for your loved ones. Small
children and your pets love to explore
every hole and tiny space. Their tiny
fingers and paws can access small places
our hands could not even get into.

So how can you make your home
business child and pet proof?

A good way to do this is to get on your
hands and knees and look around from
a child's point of view. Whatever you
can see so can your children and pets.

Whatever you can touch, tug or reach
so can they! Get a little pen knife and
examine every hole that you can poke
it into. Rather then getting angry at your
children every time they touch something remove all potential sources of trouble
from easy reach!

1) Loose Wires

Wires trailing across the floor can be a trip hazard not only for the children but also
for you. Where possible clip loose wires along the skirting and buy cable tidies so
that all your loose wires can be bundled together. Ask your electrician to fit extra
sockets so that you always have power nearby.

2) Electronic Equipment

Remove all electronic equipment from the floor including your CPU & printers. You
are asking for trouble if you leave any available holes near ground level for children
to stick small things into.

3) Cords & Ropes

Cords hanging from curtains and blinds could easily become dangerous in the hands
of small children If possible remove them all together or wind them up and tie them
so that they are not easily reached.

4) The Tug Test

Move all your equipment at the back of the desk near the wall so that they can not be
pulled down easily. If a child can reach anything on your desk they will try and give
it a tug!

5) Locks and Security

Fit locks on the door and if possible locks on your drawers and cupboards. There is
no point in having this done if you do not put all the dangerous stuff away! Small
items whilst harmless to us can be a choking hazard for little children. Polythene
bags, rubber bands, staples and paper clips should all be stored away at the end of
each day.

6) Tasting and Swallowing

Children and pets love tasting new things. Hide all your glue, tippex, medicines and
anything else that could be tasted, drunk or swallowed.

7) Password Protection

Get into the habit of logging off your computer every time you leave the office and do
not make your password easy to predict. It is amazing how many children know their
parents passwords!

8) Quality Time

Schedule your breaks around the children's timetable. This has nothing to do with
safety but your children will definitely be happy to spend a little time with you when
they arrive home from school or nursery.

Work & Life Balance

One of the main reasons that people choose to work from home is that they can spend
quality time with their partners and children. By taking some common sense
measures you can prevent your home business from harming your loved ones. Most
of the steps outlined above are simple and relatively inexpensive. Some of them only
need to be done once to make your home a safer and more relaxed environment.

About the Author:
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