Work On Your Business Days!
By Jody Gabourie

We've all heard the saying, "Work ON

your business, not IN your business".
What that basically means is don't get
immersed in the day-to-day details and administrative tasks that are part of your
business, but instead make sure you spend time on activities that will grow, develop
and enhance your business.

One way to ensure you make time to do this is to schedule a specific day into your
calendar.  Some people call these Business Development days or Business Planning
days or Business Growth days.  

Whatever you call it, the important thing is that you schedule it AND keep that
appointment with yourself.

Some people book off an entire day every week or every couple weeks.  Other people
find they like to schedule 3 hours every week or take a weekend retreat once a month.  

Finding out how long you need and want to take for the "work on your business days"
will take a bit of time to determine.  Also, if you're moving into a bigger direction or
it's a difficult economic time, then you might want to allocate more time to these
development days.

The important thing is that you DO these days - somehow, somewhere and sometime
(preferably on a consistent basis!).

Some ideas of what you can do during this appointment with yourself:

- Create a marketing plan for the upcoming 6 months, year

- Take a look at current personnel and vendor needs and look ahead to anticipated
future needs

- Set your financial/sales goals  - overall and for specific product and service lines

- Take a look at current joint partners and affiliate partners to evaluate the continued
mutual benefit to keeping the relationship going - is there something that you could
do to enhance it?  Is there a person/company you need to say goodbye to?

- Take a look at what systems and processes you have in place - for different areas such
as finance, product fulfillment, marketing, customer relationships, personnel, etc.

- Brainstorm about possible new, different, advanced opportunities that could benefit
both you and your company

- Re-look at your company's vision, top-line goals and objectives, USP (unique selling
point) and so on - to make sure that it's still aligned with your passions and strengths

These days are really the most important time that you'll spend for your business.  
You can't grow, manage, market or promote your business successfully and with the
fastest, best results UNLESS you book time off for the above activities.

Put it this way, if you don't spend your time on business growing/development days,
you won't spend much time having profit-generating days!

About the author: Jody Gabourie Marketing Plan Queen helps small business owners get into
marketing action fast with done-for-you products and services such as her Ready Made
Marketing Plan™ ebooks.  To learn more about how she can help you attract more clients and
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