Spring Cleaning for the Soul
By Karin Marcus

Spring is finally here! New growth
is showing its vivid green touch on the
tips of branches; daffodils and crocuses are smiling in the sun. As we shed our winters
coats and sweaters, it is also a good time to shed some of the layers that have crusted
over our hearts.

So much clutter accumulates in our hearts without us even being consciously aware of
it. Things get buried under and piled on top of one other, leaving us feeling heavy and
lethargic. As you enter spring this year, set the conscious intention to unburden your
self of all that unnecessary weight.

Can you think of a particular burden that you have been carrying around on your
shoulders? Maybe it isn't really your responsibility to solve, or maybe someone else is
willing to help if asked, or maybe it just needs to be let go of and forgotten. Now is the
time to remove that weight like a heavy old winter coat. What about an old grudge
you've been carrying in your heart? Does it still apply to present circumstances? Have
you changed or allowed for the possibility that the other person might have changed?
Do you really need to recycle the toxic waste of the past? Is it serving you in any way?

Are you shackled by the role of martyrdom or victimhood? Or have you handcuffed
others with these believes? What if you were to unlock these self defeating attitudes
and focused on the future you want to create? What if you gave of yourself and
expected nothing in return? What if you forgave a wrong and in doing so no longer
allowed that hurt or injustice to dictate your life?

And what about all those regrets piled up in your closeted heart. Think of all the
energy you expend worrying about things that didn't work out the way you wanted.
What if instead, you focused on the lessons of growth and the unexpected possibilities
that occurred because of each of those unplanned outcomes. What if, you trusted that
everything happens for a reason and each event has brought you to this very moment
in your life? Your job now is to determine where do you want to go from here.

You probably have some other thoughts and feelings that you would like to add to
this list. Think of them each as a cluttered room in the house of your soul. Determine
your order of priority and begin to clear your house one room at a time. Armed with
the healing qualities of patience, generosity, compassion, forgiveness, and trust, enter
each room and wipe it clean. Take your time, rest when needed, and if the task
becomes to daunting, enlist the help of professionals such as a therapist, life coach, or
spiritual advisor.

This year let your spring cleaning occur from the inside out. Lighten your heart. And
in the cleared, open space begin to plant new seeds of what you want to grow in your

About the author:  Karin Marcus is a  Certified Life Coach / Retreat Leader.  Contact Karin at
Karin@Steppingoutcoaching.com 610-667-5247, or visit her website at
Stepping Out Coaching.  
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