3 Simple Ways to Improve Health by Working from Home
By Lolita Sanchez

An office employee's dream is often to
spend the work day hours working from
home. The idea makes sense: you should
be able to be just as productive at home
as you would be in a formal office

However, a combined home and work atmosphere has both benefits and drawbacks.
For example, you may be in a more productive mindset since you can be more relaxed
in your own home and, yes, you can work in whatever attire you want. You also have
fewer distractions from impromptu meetings at your desk with your boss or co-
workers. You may even be less-tempted to order lunch from fast food r

On the other hand, you can't take part in some extra benefits programs an employer
might provide, such as workout programs or gyms offered on site at the office. That
said -
- it is possible for your overall health to suffer while working from home and as a
result, you may have decreased energy and productivity levels.

In fact, you naturally get less exercise working from home. You don't have to commute
to work, take a trip up the stairs to your office or walk from your car to the workplace
building. However, to combat these downsides, you can essentially create your own
employee wellness program similar to one that a formal employer might offer.  

Here's how:

Plan Lunches and Meals

Since you don't have the temptation of eating out like you might in a typical office
atmosphere, you must plan your lunches and meals accordingly. Before your work
week starts, you need to take a trip to the grocery store and purchase healthy lunches
that you can eat every day of the week so there's no question what you'll have during
your lunch hour. If you usually eat an office snack, you can do this as well by buying
fresh fruits, low-fat yogurt or granola, or even trail mix. Just make sure to stick to a
healthy menu and don’t get tempted by fatty snacks or junk you may have in your
kitchen pantry!

Squeeze in Exercise

Though you may not have formal breaks like in an office atmosphere, this doesn't
mean that you can't schedule them for yourself. To make sure that you get the mental
breaks you need from clients or work, you can mark yourself as "Unavailable" in all
desktop and software calendars you use, such as Microsoft Outlook or Google
Calendar. Instead of scheduling meetings or work, make a block of time devoted to
small, 15-minute walk
(or bicycle) breaks. You can schedule one in the morning as well
as in the afternoon. If you schedule yourself an hour-long lunch break, you can take 15
minutes of that break to go for a walk or exercise as well. Don’t forget to grab a
promotional product
(with your company’s brand name or logo) to take along with
you. That way you can get some exercise while you promote the company– talk about
being productive!

Schedule Meditation Sessions

Meditation has enormous benefits for your health. Besides helping you clear your
mind and all negative thoughts, research supports the benefits of meditation. The
Mayo Clinic reports that meditation has many benefits for your emotional health. For
example, it can help you manage stress and gain new perspectives as well as increase
self-awareness. Meditation also fights conditions like depression, anxiety disorders,
high blood pressure, chronic pain and cancer. Whether you schedule meditation
sessions before your work at home begins or after it ends, making sure you get this
relaxing activity in is crucial.

As you can see, you do have several things to think about if you're going to start a
work routine at home. While working in the comfort of your own home can be relaxing
and productive, you do face challenges. However, making sure you get proper
exercise in your day and building in healthy practices can make working from home a
positive experience.

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