Convincing Your Family Members You Want to Work from Home
By Marsha Maung

It’s a difficult ride if you want to work from home and yet, the most important
people in your life are against the work at home concept. It’s a dream to you but it
can be a nightmare for people who care for you.

The whole idea of not having a stable income makes them worry about you, so,
don’t blame them. For all you know, you’re terribly confident that your plan will
work and you know you can commit to your new work at home business…you
know that but THEY don’t.

The first step you will need to take to help your family members accept your
work at home decision is to understand how they feel.

I know, I know, this is a time when you want others to understand you and accept
your decision. You’re tired of working for someone else and want to have the
freedom of spending time with your family and friends, instead of lounging
around in the office day in and day out. And here I am, telling you that you should
understand the very people who are opposing you?

This is not a secret but think of it like some kind of a psychological plan. Ever
heard of the term ‘reverse psychology’? Ok
ay, you’re required to use this and let
me tell you this…it works like a charm! If you do this right, you will convince
your family members that working at home is the best option for you.

Say things like, ‘I know you care for me, love me and want what is best for me….’,
‘I understand what you’re saying…’, or ‘You’re absolutely right in saying that, I
can’t say you’re wrong’. When you’re talking to them in a non-attack way, they will
back down and bring down their fences. This is an amazing way to help your
family members accept your work-at-home decision.

It’s true, my own family members were not to keen on me wasting my law degree
to start a work at home business either –
- to them, I am wasting my degree,
wasting my talents and wasting my energy. And they don’t want to see me suffer,
be disappointed and face financial problems. Being parents, they want what is best
for me and in their eyes, working at home is NOT the best moneymaking
opportunity. Over the years, I have finally opened my parents’ eyes to the working
at home concept. They finally accepted it that I communicate with clients from all
over the world and that I am being paid for the work that I do and that my income
is comfortable.

As for the spouse, this is a little bit trickier. You see, in 2-income families, if one
person wants to start working from home, the other spouse would have to be
prepared to give up more of his or her income to cover for the stuff that is
supposed to be covered by the now-working-at-home spouse. At least during the
first few months of the business, that is. I mean, for 3 to 6 months after working
from home, you’ll have to expect to dig into your savings or the spouse would
have to cover for expenses, so, naturally, he or she would be a little bit disgruntled
with the fact. They’re not being selfish – they’re trying to deal with you breaking
out of the comfort zone. Everyone, including you, hates that.

So, don’t expect your spouse to welcome the idea of working from home with
wide open arms. There’s bound to be some skepticism.

And skepticism from your loved ones is good too because it will keep you on
your toes and you’re feet remains firmly planted on the ground. So, the best thing
to do with your spouse is to discuss the idea with him or her, sit down and plan
the finances.

For example, dig into your savings to cover for contribution to expenses, working
part-time, telecommuting, cut down on expenses, selling the extra car, re-
mortgaging, etc. Find a way and a plan to ease the discomfort for your spouse.
Make sure he or she has nothing to complain about your working at home
decision. It’s incredibly difficult to accept, trust me, if you’re not the one who
wants to work from home. If you’re on the other side of the fence, everything looks
so bleak and uncertain.

Break through their barrier not with force, but with gentle compromising and
understanding. Then, you’ll get their full support for your work at home business.

About the author: Marsha Maung is a freelance graphic designer and copy writer who
works from home. She designs apparel and premium items at
All Mom Stuff and is the author
of "Raising Little Magicians", and the popular "The Lance in freelancing". More
information can be found at
Marsh Maung.
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