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How to Make an Impact Online: Design Your Site for the Customer
by Jen Blackert

So you want make an impact online?
You’ve created a website and it’s
beautifully designed. You’ve written
a sales letter. You have Pay-Per-Click ads and lots of traffic, but no business is coming
in. Why?

Maybe your website doesn’t work. Could it be missing that personal touch? A website
can be a very impersonal experience. Can you brand your website to give your user a
more personal experience?Let’s go shopping for a minute. Imagine entering a store
that has no salesperson. No one greets you at the door. No one acknowledges your
presence. No one answers your questions. No one seems to care that you have come
to visit. If you have a question who do you ask? You will probably leave to find
someone who does care and can answer your questions.

Does your website provide the best customer experience possible? I like to think of
the website like a salesperson. The components of your website represents you when
you are not there. What does your salesperson/website look like? What does your
salesperson/website say? Is your salesperson enthusiastic or boring? Compassionate
or Firm? It is important to build a website for your targeted audience. What does your
targeted audience want to hear? Start thinking like your customer.

I have put together some questions to help you start thinking about your
website’s components that may need to be changed or modified.

1. Does your website have a crystal clear vision of who you are?

2. Have you included photos that give your targeted customer more visual
A personal picture is a great idea, but maybe you own a large yoga
studio. Adding some studio pictures would bring warmth to the website.

3. Is information about your background included?

4. Do you have testimonials with valuable messages?
Add testimonials with energy.
Everyone loves to read rags to riches stories.

5. Do you want your audience to HEAR your message? Have you thought about
adding audio to your website? Why not explain your service to them. Save them the
time of reading a long message.

6. Have you included an email address opt-in form box? Most web visitors aren’t
ready to buy, they are just gathering information. Give them what they want. Inform
your visitor with articles and give them the opportunity to receive email newsletters
or ezines from you.

7. What does your site REALLY say? The copy on your website is extremely
important. It should be clear, concise and to the point. You may want to consider
using an informal, you-are-my-best-friend tone. I try to picture one person and write
to that person.

About the author: Jen Blackert, The Online Success Coach, teaches small business
owners how to branding their website with her simple eBranding success system.
Visit her website at
Jen Blakert .
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