What to Twitter About?
By Jody Gabourie

Twitter is a great marketing tool if you want to keep in touch with people on a quick,
"in-and-out" basis.  It allows you to build connection with your prospects and clients,
as well as direct them to your website and blog for more detailed information -
- as
Twitter only allows for a couple sentences each post.

Twitter is a great way to do research on your target audience. Pay attention to what
people are tweeting about -
- what is important to them or causing them problems.  
You can get educated on what your target audience needs and wants, and then create
products and services to help them out.  You'll also be able to write targeted blog
posts and articles that you know appeal to the people you want to reach.

Okay, in order to reap the benefits of Twitter, you need to start making tweets!

Many people when they start using Twitter aren't sure about what to "tweet" about.  
Below are some ideas on content - remember you want to make it valuable and
relevant to your target group or niche....or else it's just more marketing noise.

1. Share links

Twitter about interesting or important information by sharing links to other people's
websites and blogs, news stories, cool video, new products -
- the list of links you
could talk about are really endless.

2. Ask questions

This is related to the above point but it also goes further.  Ask questions to get a
conversation going and to create a sense a connection between you and your prospects
and customers.  Ask them what they are doing at that moment, or what their opinion is
of something, or what they think about a specific topic.

3. Be a resource

Post tips to help people in your niche.  Add value to your audience by sharing tips
that aren't on your blog or anywhere else.  Train people to view you as an important
and valuable resource for them.

4. Share your opinion

Let people get to know you or get some notice by posting a contrarian or outrageous
opinion.  Let your personality shine through and share with people what you feel
strongly about.

5. Joint ventures

Give little tweets about other people's services and products that would appeal to
your target group.  Share links to other people's web
pages and show your support
and endorsement for your peers.

Whatever the content of your tweets, don't forget that Twitter is a social tool and not
just a marketing and traffic-building tool.  So pay attention to what people say and
contribute in a valuable way - become part of the Twitter community.

It's all about what you can give to people - not take.  Keep that in mind when you use
Twitter - just like any other marketing tactic.  You get out what you put in.

Have fun twittering and tweeting!

About the author: Jody Gabourie, The Small Business Marketing Coach, teaches small business
owners and entrepreneurs how to take action with their marketing in order to get more results
and more profits.  To learn all about her unique "done-for-you" ebooks called Ready Made
Marketing Plans™ and to sign up for her FREE special report, ezine and articles,
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