How To Take It Easy And Watch The Wealth Pile In
By Jeneth Blackert

Attraction is fundamental in creating a successful business. Operating in an attractive
way is a magnet to bringing clients to your business. Entrepreneurs fail to achieve
their goals and intentions for one of two reasons. They either have inner conflicts and
challenges or poor processes and systems in place. Either one negates the law of

Many small business owners believe that building a business takes hard work, and
they just need to pay their dues. This is a belief and it doesn’t have to be the true.

What if it was easy to build a business? Let’s just use our imagination for a minute.

Have you ever noticed how the perfect client shows up quickly after a relaxing mini-
break? That motivation that was needed to take the next step just seems to show up.
Why do you think that is?

I believe you just need to stop, relax, feel good and stop being busy. Can you stop
being busy? Create some space from your work? When you’re wound up you don’t
see all the opportunities. I know this because I was there, too. Let go of your busy-ness
and start getting what you really want.

How do you stop being busy? Relax. This doesn’t have to be “hard work."  Let go of
your attachment to the idea of being busy and know your business visions are
manifesting no matter what.

Take action on what inspires you. Do things that feel good and right. What do you
want to be doing in your business? Resist nothing. I’ll say that again, “Resist nothing.”
If you feel pulled to call a client you haven’t heard from for awhile, CALL THEM.  It is
the law of attraction and your intuition tells you the timing is right. Use it to your
advantage. When the timing is right, it is also to your client’s advantage, producing a

About the author: Jen Blackert, Client Attraction Marketing Coach, is a results-driven
marketing strategist that teaches entrepreneurs how to attract all the clients they need. Her
methods are based on the universal laws of attraction. Visit her website at
Jen Blackert .
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