How to Tell a Story that Sells Your Products and Services
By James Roche

Storytelling is the most underutilized
tool in marketing. Yet storytelling not
only makes it easy for people to get
to know, like and trust also
increases sales!

Think back to a speaker you heard at

a seminar. What do you remember
about the talk? The theory? The
principles? I doubt it. The bullet points?
Maybe. But I'm willing to go out on a limb
and say you DID remember the stories the speakers told.

...That's because good storytelling creates images in our minds that last for years...even

I remember hearing John Robins, author of
Diet for a New America, speak at a heath fair
in Central Oregon. We were in a large park surrounded by a forest. The sun reflected
off a huge white tent crammed with over 2000 people listening to his every word.
People sat up breathlessly - straining to see John way up there.

I was amazed...all these people and nobody moved...and all he did was told stories.
He was riveting.

...and droves bought his book and supported his organization. It was brilliant
salesmanship and storytelling at its best.

I've worked with dozens of coaches one-on-one to help craft their "Core Story" - the
story you leverage in your marketing materials to build credibility and build trust.
Here are the three essential elements that make up stories that persuade, captivate and

1. Use the P.A.R. Formula

Don't try to be clever in your storytelling - stick to this proven template for best results.
P.A.R. stands for Problem, Action, Results. First, state the problem you faced. What
wasn't working and how did that feel? Second, tell what action you took. What was the
epiphany that changed your life? What was your "ah-ha" moment? Finally, what was
the result of the action you took? Be specific using numbers and real world results.
Tell how you felt now that things are so different from when you had the problem.

2. Paint a Picture

The best storytelling causes the listener to see pictures in their mind's eye. It's those
pictures that burn in our memory and make us remember a story years afterwards.
Here's how it works...

Pick a very specific moment in time that represents the pivotal moment of your story.
Scrap everything else leading up to that point - just cut to the chase. you tell
the story create the picture in YOUR mind's eye and pick just a couple details to tell us
about. Maybe it was the tightness of your breath, the blue paint chipping off the door
you opened, the squishy sound under your shoes...just enough to paint the picture.
Don't over do it! Let the listener complete the picture in THEIR minds. That's your goal.

3. Have Your Story Teach a Principle

This is the big marketing secret few use...tell a story that also teaches a core idea
behind your service, product or program. Nobody likes to be lectured don't. But
we all love good storytelling.

For example, I often share the story on how I made $9,000 in one week using a 25 page
Special Report at a networking event. The story is interesting AND educational
because I share step by step how to use direct response marketing. (i.e. moving a
stranger to a friend, a friend to client and a client to a champion.)

Still don't believe me on the power of storytelling? Let me ask you something...I just
shared good information for you. But what do you remember most? Okay...maybe it
was the last bullet point...but tomorrow morning when you think of this article again,
I'm willing to bet you'll remember the brief story I told about listening to John Robins
talk in the park. That's because you probably saw a picture in your mind when I
painted the picture: "...large park surrounded by a forest", "The sun reflected off a
huge white tent", "...people sat up breathlessly".

Even though I was there and you weren't - you still participated in the telling of the
event. You saw your own picture...and you're more likely to remember the principle
behind the story: storytelling sells!

It's as if we both shared a moment in and me. THAT'S the beauty of

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