So You Want to Start a Home Business?
By Michael Russell

Let us be honest about this.   Starting
a successful home business is not easy.  
To start and have success in a home
business requires a lot of effort
and patience, but it can be done.  

You have to think seriously about what you are trying to accomplish in your
business, do the necessary upfront work and then press forward knowing that success
will not happen overnight.  

Here are five principles that will keep you on target as you start your business and
help you accomplish your goals for success:

Principle No. 1: Get Focused

When it comes to your new home business, focus on something about which you are
absolutely passionate and feel that one day you could be one of the best at doing.  
That focus will generate the energy and the drive you will need to continue when
things seem like they are not going as well or as quickly as you had hoped.  
Determine early what you want out of the business and have clearly defined short and
long term goals for you new business.  The focus of your business goals and your
vision for the business will be the foundation for all your efforts.  Have a vision for
the business and realistic goals and objectives.

Principle No.  2: Your Reasons for Being

Make your reasons for starting your home business bigger than just about you,
making money, buying a new car etc.  You are going to have to find a reason for
starting your business that is bigger than material things.  You will need something to
keep you going in the business when things get challenging.  Have reasons for
starting your business that are bigger than you.  Reasons like wanting to help other
family members, or to give to your church, or provide a nest egg for your children for
college.  Also, understand that it is highly likely that someone has already started a
business like yours, so make sure that you do your research and look for ways to
distinguish yourself and your business.  Do something that the other like businesses
are not doing or figure out how to do it better.  This will make the difference for your
business and enhance its opportunity for success.

Principle No.  3: Create an Impact Message

In the first 10 seconds of someone accessing your site you must answer the question
"What will this do for me?" As a result, you have to create a message that will impact
your customers and immediately tell them how valuable your product is and make
them want it.  Coming up with this kind of impact message is not difficult at all.  Just
place yourself in the shoes of your customers.  If your message does not move you, it
will probably not move them.  Make sure that it clarifies your purpose and stays
focused.  Use this statement on all your business ventures.  Put it on all your business
cards, web sites and any other place you can think of.  The more people that here
about and see your business, the more aware people will be about you.

Principle No.  4: Test, Change and Test Again

You don't need to go out and hire a consultant to figure out what methods work and
what don't work.  You can do that by testing your methods, changing them based
upon your results, then testing again.  Go research what others in your business field
have used to succeed and see if this can apply to you as well.  Check out what others
have for article content and make sure you have better keywords and richer content.  
There are a number of free tools out there to help you.  Use those first and make some
money before you start paying for these kinds of services.

Principle No.  5: Have you conducted a Reality Check?

Listen, you need to realize upfront that starting a new business is challenging and that
you will come up against obstacles, that you will have to overcome to fully realize the
goals and objectives you have established.  If you have adhered to Principles 1-4, you
will have the passion to continue when it seems that things are not progressing as
quickly as you had hoped.  Always press forward.  While you are pressing forward,
make sure that you are operating in the real world and not in the beautiful Land of
Oz.  Evaluate your business and your marketplace constantly.  Follow Principle No.  
4 religiously.  Ask the hard questions about your results and do not be afraid to
change or even stop what You are doing if the results dictate.  Conduct a reality check!

Follow these five principles and success in you new home business will eventually be

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