Your 6 Month Home Business Planning Checklist

Planning to start a home business?

Your journey to create a home business
is bound to be exciting...but it can also
be overwhelming if you don't have all
your ducks in a row.  One way
to keep the stress and overwhelm
in check is to have a checklist.  
Here's a good one to keep you
on track:

6 months before
__Determine viability of business by researching current market and trends
__Research competition
__Save at least 6 months worth of salary for business startup costs and salary
__Create a business plan
__Choose a business name
__Check name against current trademarks
__Find a lawyer to file for any copyrights, trademarks, or patents
__Start a filing system to organize all your business papers

5 months before
__Learn about your industry by subscribing to trade publications, newsletters, and
finding a business mentor
__Describe products and service offerings
__Determine selling points
__Determine pricing structure
__Develop marketing materials
__Buy a domain name

4 months before
__Find a web developer
__Develop a web site (4 weeks)
__Compare small business bank accounts at local banks
__Sign up for a corporate checking account
__Order business checks and deposit slips
__Get a corporate credit card
__Set up accounting software
__Set up financial and record keeping systems

3 months before
__Find an accountant
__File for incorporation (about 4 to 6 weeks)
__Decide on a legal structure for your business (with accountant)
__Apply for a federal identification number
__File a fictitious business name statement

2 months before
__Obtain a business license
__Obtain necessary permits from city and state
__Determine if you will have to charge sales tax
__Check the zoning laws and other ordinances
__Register your web site in the search engines Note: It can take 6 to 8 weeks to get
__Print business cards
__Purchase stationery
__Sign up for a merchant account

1 month before
__Sign up for business insurance
__Purchase office supplies
__Sign up for local and long distance phone service
__Sign up with an Internet service provider
__Set up extra phone line
__Build business network by contacting business associates
__Prepare any advertisements
__Prepare any publicity pieces such as a press release or news articles

Celebrate with a Grand Opening!  

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