Sell More And Close More Sales By Leading, Not Asking
By Carl Davidson

Sometimes, we worry about rejection
as we get near the close. In fact, many
of us just give a card and brochure
and never close because we are afraid.

If you ask them to buy and they say "no" you may feel like the sale needs to end
because they said "no

The solutions to this problem is never to ask them to buy.

Doing this can remove the fear and rejection from your career. Of course, no closing
technique works without the proper foundations being laid. These include a great
custom presentation with trial closes and a reason to buy now.

Assuming you have done a good job with these, try this close and I think you will be
surprised how well it works.

When you are done your presentation, instead of asking something like, "So, do you
want to get it"?, try a statement instead of a question.

You might say, "I'll get the paperwork started", put your head down and start writing.
Notice that this is a statement and not a question. You are not asking their permission.
You already have that from all the trial closes they said "yes" to during your

You can write a lot without further questions, fill in the date, your name, their name (if
you know it) what they wanted to purchase and more. The longer they let you write
before stopping you, the more committed they are to buying. Only a few will let you
write the order without stopping you or questioning you but these sales only come to
those who start writing.

Notice that I am suggesting you do this without showing them pictures of your
product, telling them your history, loading them with technical data or all the other
things we often do at the closing stage.

The reason is that these things take you away from the momentum of the close. Your
customer has a boiling point and they should be at it when you
close. Don't let them
cool off while you show them things and tell them things they don
't need to know. If
they want to know, they will ask and then, by all means answer and close again.

If they stop you with a question like , "Hey, you didn't even tell me the price
" simply
answer the question in an optimistic way and close again. "The price? I have great
news, everything we discussed today is only $2,450.00. I'll get the paperwork started."

Because you don't ask a question and get a "
no", you can do this many times without
selling after they say "no?" The average person says "yes" after being asked to buy 5
times. You can increase your sales dramatically be using this technique to ask for the
close more often.

Keep track of how often you actually ask for the close and you will be surprised. The
more often you try to close, the more your sales increase.

Try to not ask but lead. Do you get more kisses if you say, "Would it be alright if I
have a kiss?" or by p
uckering up and kissing?

It is the same in sales situations.

Visit Sales and Management Solutions. This sales training article discusses how to close more
sales and how to sell more by leading the customer and never asking them to buy.

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