The Art Of Zero Resistance
By Jeneth Blackert

Yesterday I was reading and relaxing
on my hammock when, Susie, one of my
V.I.P coaching clients called. She quietly
said, “Jen, you won't believe what I just attracted.” Turns out she was invited to be a
guest on the “Wake Up with Whoopi” show. This was this 3rd call of this kind I
received from her. She is an attraction magnet!

Let me give you a little background about Susie… Three months ago, Susie, would
have rejected anything that was more than 40 bucks. Well, maybe a little more than
that. Maybe 100 bucks, but you see what I am getting at. It didn't matter what service
or product if it was over a certain amount – she wasn't interested. Basically, she
wanted to grow her business at zero cost. She was treating her business like a home-
based hobby.

I taught her what my mentors taught me – The Art Of Zero Resistance and visible
opportunities are flowing like no tomorrow.

I learned Zero Resistance from Maxwell Maltz and Bob Proctor. Though their words
are different, the approach is the same. In my words, it's about listen to inspirations,
making swift decisions and taking immediate action. You do all that before the
dragons of fear, doubt or anxiety creeps in.

How to practice Zero Resistance:

When something comes to you the first questions should not be “How much”, but
“Do I want this in my life”? If the answer is, “Yes.” Then you make the decision to do
and then take immediate action. Just go before the dragons enter into your head!
Seriously. In other words, go with your gut. It is simple to understand, but may not
be easy to implement. What do you think?

Zero Resistance does take practice. It can also be annoying at times because it keeps
you moving!

About the author: Jen Blackert, Marketing & Success Coach, is a results-driven
marketing strategist that teaches entrepreneurs how to attract all the clients they
need. Her methods are based on the universal law of attraction and time-honored
universal laws. Grab Jen weekly insights at
The Tao of Success and her marketing
podcast at
Think Big Nation
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