10 Easy Ways to Boost your Business Sales
By Katherine Quirke

If you have a business, any business be
it online, a retail shop, a wholesaler,
a service business. This article can help
you boost your business sales. The internet has made
the world closer and marketing cheaper. Gone are the days of just marketing in your
local area. There are options out there that can turn your business into a national or
international business.

Still these tips are equally important and relevant regardless of the marketing type you
choose. It is about capturing, holding the readers attention and getting them to follow
through and purchase.

1. Spend money on targeted advertising instead of mass media advertising. You don't
want to waste your ad dollars on people who aren't interested.

2. Increase your profits by concentrating on small details. Improving small things like
text size, color, or graphics can really make a positive difference.

3. Keep your offers flexible. If you offer a set price for your product, you could offer
the people that can't afford it an optional payment plan.

4. Offer your knowledge or consulting as a bonus product. You could offer a free 15
or 30 minute consultation. This will add value to your product.

5. Personalize all your e-mail messages so they get read. Include the recipient's name
in the subject line. This will grab peoples attention quickly.

6. Keep your web site consistent. You don't want to keep things on your web site that
are unrelated to the theme of your web site.

7. Attract more subscribers to your free e-zine by giving them free bonuses like
e-books, software, online services and other incentives.

8. Sell advertising space in your e-zine and on your web site.  This will create an
extra income stream for your business.

9. Make your web site ready for the public.
Have an "About Us" page and clear
descriptions of what actions you want your visitors to take.

10. Don't just start advertising everywhere, plan out your marketing. Locate places
and publications that your target audience would congregate around.

We strongly recommend you read your local papers classified section to get a feel for
what type of advertising catches your eye. It will help you get a feel for the words and
phrases that work.

There are also terrific classified sites all over the internet that you can look at.

If you are subscribing to newsletters or emails consider the headlines that make you
want to click further. Jot them down and use them.

About the author: Katherine Quirke is a successful Australian based business
entrepreneur with an IT background, has owned a number of businesses over the last
20 years. She also runs and owns an art gallery. Sharing her business knowledge is a
passion. Visit:  
The Private Ad Network or Potential Time Business Network:

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