7 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Getting Free Publicity
By Yves Marie Danie Baptiste

For many small business owners, the
recent recession has caused them to get
very creative when it comes to attracting
more customers to their operation.

No longer are they quick to give their advertising dollars away to the reps that visit
their stores unless they can get a great ROI (return on investment).

So, marketing their products and services by way of submitting press releases - which
only cost the price of a stamp - is embraced as a very cost effective means of acquiring
new customers and making a profit.

Here are some tips to get started:

1 - Read back issues.

If you want to get noticed by editors, take some time to read back issues of their
publications so that you have an idea of the kind of stories they cover. And, from time
to time, help out an editor with their work by suggesting story ideas that does not
involve you but would be of great interest to their target audience.

Most people don't do this, so, you will certainly stand out from the crowd and make a
lot of friends along the way since you are making the job of the editor easier.

2 - Niche your releases by subject.

Editors are more likely to use your press release if it's written for their readers. It's
quite simple to do this. Be sure to alter your headlines and opening statement. Below
are five variations of a release promoting a newsletter on ways to conserve energy:

- "Five Energy Saving Tips for New Parents" (to Parenting magazines)

- "Five Energy Saving Tips for the Self-Employed" (to Small Business magazines)

- "Five Energy Saving Tips for Baby Boomers" (to Baby Boomers media)

-"Five Energy Saving Tips for Landscapers" (to Landscapers magazines)

- "Five Energy Savings Tips for Retailers" (to Retailers media)

3 - Write your press releases to tailor local news.

Did you know that you can tailor your releases by state or local areas? Search for
quotes in government or trade association statistical studies that you can use, or
conduct your own survey and send out a press release on the results.

Below you will find some fictitious examples for a manual on improving children's
English skills.

- "Chicago Students Rank 23rd In US For English" (send to Chicago media)

- "Boston Students Rank 17th in US For English" (send to Boston media)

- "Texas Students Rank 4th In US For English" (send to Texas media)

- "California Students Rank 28th In US For English" (send to California media)

4 - If you're ever interviewed by a major newspaper, reach out to the wire service
bureaus in their city (i.e. Knight Ridder or Associated Press) that very day.

Talk to them about picking up the story and sending it out nationally.

5 - Write a book.

If you publish a book on your subject area then you become an instant celebrity, so to
speak. An instant authority on your topic. Hey, you "wrote the book on it", right? This
will lend you much credibility and many doors will be opened for you by way of
opportunities. You can write a press release listing "Top 10" tips around the theme of
your book. Let's say you wrote a book on finances. Well, you can submit a press
release entitled: "Top 10 Tips To Investing Your Money or 5 Financial Mistakes To

6 - Do not neglect to build up a mailing list of customers for your products, services,
and/or cause.

Create a free report on your subject matter. Since we've been discussing a book on
finances.....how about writing a free report entitled: "52 Ways To Fund A College

7 - If you get articles written up about you, be sure to frame them.

Go ahead. I give you permission to toot your own horn. Hang them up on walls of
your office for all of your customers to see. This will certainly put you in a great light.
And if you've been interviewed by the media, have a tape of that interview running in
the lobby as your clients wait.

Heck, while you're at it, mail out some reprints of these articles to those on your
mailing list to build up your credibility. Add this to your website and any marketing
materials you send out.  Jump up and shout from the rooftops. It's your party!!

About the author: Yves Marie Danie Baptiste is an expert in writing effective press
releases that gets results.
Click here for more information on how to write powerful
press releases that puts your product, service, or cause in the news.

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