How To Get More Buzz For Your Business
By Biana Babinsky

Word-of-mouth marketing (also known
as buzz marketing) is very important
for any business. Word-of-mouth marketing occurs when your clients recommend
your products and services to other people in your target market.

When many people recommend your products and services, there is buzz about your
business and you get more clients as a result. Imagine your clients recommending
you to people they know, and those people recommending you to the people they
know, etc. With buzz, your products and services get exposed to many people who
would have never heard about you otherwise.

Buzz marketing is extremely powerful, since everyone likes to feel that they have an
inside source who gives them recommendations. When happy clients recommend
your services to their friends and colleagues, the friends and colleagues are much
more likely to become your clients because you have been recommended by
someone they trust. The more people you can have to recommend you, the more
clients you are going to get.

Buzz marketing is extremely important for service professionals in particular. This is
because their services are a high-ticket item and not an impulse purchase. When a
potential client is looking to engage someone's services, they will not engage the
services of the first service provider they see. Rather, they are going to ask for
recommendations of potential service providers from the people they know and
trust, their family, their friends, their colleagues and their networking partners. Since
they trust these people, their recommendations are going to have more weight than
an advertisement for similar services that they see online.

So how do you use buzz marketing to promote your business, your products and

You do that by creating a community around your knowledge and expertise, and
inviting your target market to join you at that community. As more people join you at
the community, more people find out about your expertise and, in turn, tell more
people about you.

The best way to create a community around your expertise, help many people and
create a brand new income stream for your business is by creating a Membership
Web Site. A membership web site is a special web site where members need to enter
their ID and a password to gain access. Members pay a monthly fee to be able to
access the information on the web site.

Inside the membership web site you will be able to communicate with your
members, offer them lessons and information and answer their questions. Inside
the web site you are able to teach and guide members with your knowledge and
expertise. Members of your web site are also able to provide feedback to each
other, learn together and build a true community.

Running a community further establishes your reputation as an expert and provides
additional buzz for you and your business. In addition, since the fee to participate in
your membership web site is much lower than your service fee, many people who
can't afford your one-on-one services will be able to join your community, thus
exposing your expertise to even more people.

Start a community around your expertise! Doing this will help you generate more
buzz for your business and get more clients.

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