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Are You Manifesting Business...or the Poor House?
By Susan James

Business is about revenue
and income streams and how
they are fulfilled or not. This
of course applies to online
and offline businesses. And
we already know this, it's a fact, basic Business 101.

The question is, how do we measure the success of our business? Do we measure it
by the number of newsletter subscribers we have or the number of widgets we sell?

Many people use in their ad campaigns numbers of memberships and numbers of
widgets sold. But it comes down to, are we making the money we want to make to
live the life we prefer?

This is where we really have to get clear. We have to ask: What's my goal, a million
subscribers or a business that I love that also fully supports my lifestyle. From an
energetic point of view, those are completely different intentions.

I don't know about you, but I get tons of newsletters that I never even read. And I
even subscribed to them. And odds being what they are, I'm in the majority. Heck,
there are people that probably don't read my stuff either. But guess what, that's not
how I measure my success in my business.

I measure my success by how my business supports me and the continuing
direction it takes my lifestyle. I don't do what I do as a hobby. I made it a point early
on to build a business that I love and that loves me back. One of the forms it loves
me back, is in how it supports me. It's the Law of The Circle applied to The Art of

This goes for writers of books, consultant types, tire salesmen and the like.

Too many of us have not gotten clear on what it really is that we want our business
to be and do, and that lack of clarity costs us our life- styles and our peace of mind.
Meaning, we're not having much fun on a consistent basis.

And on top of that we are robbing Peter to pay Paul, and Peter is getting pissed. We
do it energetically and we do it with our money.

1 million tires sold, New York Best Seller's list, and 1 million newsletter subscribers,
does not a lifestyle make if you can't have the lifestyle you prefer.

I know many who have touted large subscriber bases but can't seem to accrue any
money to live as they want from it. The same goes for those who say they want their
books to be at the top of best seller lists. They don't really know what that
means in
dollars and cents. And for those of us that sell tires, and we've sold a million of
them, are we living the lifestyle we want?

The new higher question to ask ourselves is not how many subscribers, or tires, it's
how do I want my life to look? And then we shape our business with skills to bring
us that life. We have to do it backwards from the way that we keep being told we
have to do it.

The only thing we really have to do is to ask ourselves how we want our lives to
look, and then use a new energetic skill level to bring us that life.

You ready to do that yet?

About the author Susan James(Specializing in Business, Lifestyle and Financial
Expansion) Author/Consultant Susan James writes of User Friendly Physics
Applications. For Info on award winning books and courses along with free e-media
please visit her website:  
Susan James
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