Deciding If Working at Home is the Right Move

If you are considering working at home,
you need to be sure you are doing it for
the right reasons. On top of that, you have
to have the right traits to be successful
at working from home as well as have the right type of home from which to work.

OK. That may sound a little negative, but if you plan to work at home you will need to
have a professional environment in which to work and that does not mean you have to
build an office onto the house. What it means is that you have to have the right
environment that it conducive to being able to perform whatever function you need to
perform without interruption or distractions.

Getting back to the reasons you want, or need to work from home. Maybe you just lost
your job or had a falling out with the boss and are looking for another way to make

Perhaps the rising cost of just about everything has put a dent in your budget and
reduced your discretionary income to zilch, or even less and you want to make some
extra cash. You may have heard stories about how people are making a killing on their
internet business and want to join the next wave of internet millionaires.

If you are getting into a work at home business on the pretense of making a ton of
money in a short period of time without having to work more than 20 hours a week,
you will likely end up broke and disappointed. Yes, there are opportunities to make a
decent living with an online business, but the odds are stacked against you. Despite
what many of those emails you have been receiving may say, there is no such thing as
a free lunch with any online business opportunities.

Many times stay-at-home moms and dads need a distraction from the daily grind of
running the house and who can't use some extra money now and again? Once you
have the next chapter on the distractions of a home business, continue to look into the
possibilities of the types of home business opportunities that are available. I do not
make any recommendations of any companies that may be looking for home business
workers, as the majority I have come across simply want you money.

What I do offer is information that I have gathered over the last couple of years about
the type of work available. I do not have list of the good, the bad and the really bad
that I am trying to sell. That is one of the scams that permeate the online market place.
Putting together a list of companies that any reasonable person could do on their own
but are willing to pay someone else to find for them. The reality is, the list will be
outdated before you get it.

It also requires a certain type of personality to be able to work at home. Remember,
there is a good chance that your at-home business will a one-person operation and
unless you are prepared to spend a lot of time alone, a home business may not be for
you. Seriously.

Distractions at home aside, you will be spending a lot of time alone and in charge of
nothing but your own paycheck. If you are the type of person that requires constant or
even occasional supervision, you may not have what it takes to run a home business.

If you have the personality that needs constant reaffirmation on the quality of your
work, you better get used to looking in the mirror and telling yourself how good you
are. Other than finding new and/or repeat business, this will be the only way you can
get praise for you work performance.

Understand that it can be greatly satisfying when you look at your bank balance and
have money left after all the bills are paid, running your own business from home will
require a lot of work, dedication and stamina in order to grow it into a success,
regardless of the type of work you are doing.

About the Author: Raymond Lee is a leader in business operations with over 20-years
in business operations. He is also the owner of the website at  
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offering advice to those looking ahead to the baby boomer years.

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