5 Giving Ways to Market Your Business During the Holiday Season

It seems that, at least in the US, the
holiday season starts earlier
and earlier, with Christmas cards
taking over most of the card section
of any store right after Halloween (if not before!).

And while it bugs me to hear holiday music over the store speakers while I'm
shopping for the kids' Halloween costume (because by the time Santa does visit, I'm
quite tired of dreaming of a "White Christmas"), as far as planning on how to market
for and during the holiday season for my business, it's almost never too early.

One of the mantras of Client Abundance is "Giver's Get," in the sense that you are
giving from a place of having no expectation of getting anything in return.

What follows are 5 ways that you can give in your business, feel really good about it,
and reap the rewards from the Universe.

1. Thank your clients and customers.

An obvious one to do as the year comes to an end is to show your gratitude to your
current clients and customers for their business. But you might be surprised at how
few business owners actually take the time to do this.

It could be something as simple as expressing your thanks in a short email. Or you
could send a thank you card in the mail. Or you could take it a step further and do
what I do and send a 'with gratitude' email with a link to a special - and free - gift to
my ezine readers. (And wow, did I get a lot of 'thank you!' emails in response!)

Taking the time to say thank you goes a long way towards deepening that
all-important relationship with your current clients and customers. If you do nothing
else this holiday season, at least do this.

2. Give your ezine list a gift.

Your 'pot of gold' in your business is your email list of potential clients and customers.
You should always be treating them well, but at least once a year, offer them a gift - no
s.t.r.i.n.g.s attached - just because...

This year, I'm revitalizing my well-received 12 Days of Christmas series (with a twist)
to my ezine subscribers, where they will receive value content that will benefit them in
building their business for the 12 days leading up to Christmas.

You don't have to offer something as extensive as 12 Days, however. A single gift
would do just nicely (see #1).

3. Give a holiday coupon.

As a gift to your list as well as to give you a boost in your income, why not offer a
coupon towards one or more of your offerings. You could offer a 2-for-1 product sale,
or a 20% off discount for one of your ebooks or ecourses, or you could offer a special
price for the month of December only on one of your programs.

4. Give your affiliates a gift.

Your affiliates are also one of your greatest assets in your business. Show your
gratitude to the folks who have chosen to join your 'sales force' by increasing their
commissions for the holiday season.

Ideally, your commission rate should be at least 25%. Why not reward them further for
promoting your offerings by doubling their commissions to 50%?

5. Give yourself a gift.

And don't forget yourself! If you haven't already, hire a virtual assistant to help you
now so you can enjoy more of your holidays. You'll be so glad you did and you'll
never go back to being a lone ranger!

I'd like to invite you to choose at least two of these ways of giving in your business to
implement this holiday season.

About the author: Alicia M Forest, MBA, Multiple Streams Queen & Coach(TM) teaches
self-employed professionals how to attract more clients, create profit-making products and
services, make more sales, and ultimately live the life they desire and deserve. For FREE tips on
how to create wild abundance in your business, visit
Client Abundance.  

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