Elevator Pitching...on the Slopes!
By Joan Stewart

Sometimes all it takes is a clever little
twist on a simple idea to bring
publicity to your doorstep.

Take, for example, the typical
networking event. You come to
a luncheon with a pocketful of
business cards, then spend time
meeting other business people with
whom you might strike up a relationship. If I were a reporter, I'd take a pass on
covering that kind of event. Too boring.

But what if, instead of a restaurant, you can meet other business people on the ski

That's what happens each year during
Peak Pitch, an event that gives entrepreneurs
and investors a chance to network on the slopes. And it's been so successful that
Borealis Ventures, which created it, is now partnering with four other venture funds
and expanding Peak Pitch 2007 to five ski resort locations in Maine, Massachusetts,
New Hampshire, New York and Vermont.

At Peak Pitch, a shared chair lift gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their
business plans to a variety of venture capitalists, angel investors and other
experienced startup advisors as they ride up a mountain on a high-speed chair lift.

The entrepreneurs wear blue. The venture capitalists wear green. Last year, Peak
Pitch attracted over 200 entrepreneurs and investors to the series.

Phil Ferneau of Borealis Ventures says Peak Pitch "emphasizes entrepreneurial
passion, not PowerPoint" and helps entrepreneurs connect one-on-one with investors
and mentors.

The event, he says, offers focused networking, informed feedback and plenty of fresh

Isn't that a fun idea?

The event generates lots of publicity and has the potential for numerous follow-up
stories. You can learn more about it at

What routine event do you sponsor? And how can you tweak it so participants and
the media flock to the event?

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