Organize Your Email in Color & More Tips for Getting Your Email Under Control
By Diana Ennen & Tawnya Sutherland

Organize your email in color!

If you use Outlook or even Outlook Express, use color to organize your email. I have
a visual personality so sorting by color organizes me quicker and without much
thought involved on my part so it works for me. Maybe it will for you too!

I have all my clients' email headers in red, my personal email from friends in green,
family gets blue, e-lists get purple and the vendor email is brown. This way I can
easily scan priority email every morning. It also makes the spam stick out since I leave
this black and can scan through it easier to click and delete.

So how do I color my headers in my email box? The first thing you need to do is to
select a message from the person you want all messages color highlighted.

Next you're looking for the Organize button located on the Standard toolbar. (You can
also find Organize in the Tools menu). The Organize feature will open at the top of
your mailbox.

On the left you should find the "Using Colors" option. Click it. The statement in this
feature is simple enough.

By default it is trying to color messages "from" someone and the senders name from
the highlighted message is already filled in, so ... all you have to do is to pick a color
from the drop down list at the end.

Click the Apply Color button and never overlook an email from that person again.

Schedule Time for Emails

Another tip from Diana Ennen of Virtual Word Publishing,is: Get into the habit of
scheduling a certain time of day to read your e-mails.

Don’t keep your e-mail box open and check constantly throughout the day. When you
do, your Outlook owns you. You will find you will accomplish so much more when
you do this. A simple just send a quick e-mail can turn into valuable work time being
wasted. Let your clients know when you routinely answer your mail and then they
will be used to hearing back from you at that time.

For those work-at-home parents, time is of the essence. As successful virtual
assistants, we know that we can better do our work for our clients globally if we
successfully handle all aspects of our business in the most time effective manner.

Meet the authors: Tawnya Sutherland, founder of Virtual Assistant Networking (VAN) and
author of The VAS System, a Virtual Assistant Startup System, is a Certified Internet
Marketing Specialist sharing much of her online marketing experience at VAN to help aspiring
and successful VAs turn clicks into cash at their websites. Contact her at
com or the Publicity Rep for VAN, Diana Ennen at  
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