Diana Ennen
Virtual Word Publishing
Margate, Florida

Year started working from home:
Hours per week you work:   40 to 50 hrs.
Happy at home index: 1 - miserable, 10 – nirvana.  10, I absolutely love what I do and it gets
better every year.

What kind of business do you have at home?   

I do publicity, book marketing and virtual assisting.  I also have written numerous
books on starting a virtual assistant business and sell those as well.  My books
include:  Virtual Assistant -The Series: Become a Highly Successful Sought After VA
and the Corel Word Perfect Office Ready Virtual Assistant Solution Pack.  
www.corel.com)  I also offer home-based coaching for those wanting to start a

What did you do before you started a home business?   

I was a medical secretary.

Why did you start a home business, and why this particular business?   

My son was born and I wanted to stay home with him.  Also, I knew that I could be
more than a secretary, making so little money.  Plus, I was tired of running someone
else's business and making them successful, and not seeing any of the rewards.

What was your biggest challenge in starting your home business?   

I got too busy too soon and I wasn't adequately prepared.  Today, I always
encourage entrepreneurs to get ready first, then start a business.

What has been your biggest challenge staying in business?   

I still get too busy at times and have a hard time finding the balance.  I love what I
do, so I tend to take on too much.  Thank goodness today I have very qualified
subcontractors because now I can take on more, but still not work so hard.

What do you love about working from home?   

Everything.  I love working with clients and helping them promote their
businesses.  I love landing new clients. I also love writing and getting the
opportunity to see others start their business with some of my books.

What do you hate about it?   

The only thing I hate is when company comes to town.  It's hard to get it all done
when you have a houseful of guests.  I live in Florida so this is a real problem for

How do you inspire or motivate yourself everyday?   

I'm such a motivated person naturally, so it's pretty easy.  But what I do is start
fresh, everyday.  I also read a lot of motivational books and listen to CDs.  I love
Joanie Winberg's Motivational CD and journal ...

How do you separate home life from your work life?   

I always try and focus on whatever I'm working on.  If I'm being a mom, I'm a mom.  
If I'm being an entrepreneur, then I focus on work.  Plus, the more organized I am,
the more productive I am.  I try to clear off my desk every night.  When you start the
day with a fresh desk it's so much easier.  I also have a separate office, which I
believe is very beneficial.

Where is your office in your home?   

I have converted the family room.

What is your daily routine?   

I wake up at 6:00.  Work on the most important things until 7:00.  That's when I'm at
my best.  Get the kids off to school and start back at 8:00.  I normally then answer
e-mail and client correspondence.  Then I get to work.  I normally take a break at
noon for 1/2 hour.  My daughter comes home at 2:00 and we talk until 2:30.  Then
she goes outside on the back patio where we have a great set-up for her to watch
TV, do crafts, etc.   My office is right there, so we are almost in the same room. I can
then work until 4:30.  Then it's family time.  I make dinner, homework, etc.   I try
and go to the gym 3 days a week.  The whole family goes so that helps a lot.

What is your biggest (or proudest) achievement so far?   

Getting published twice.  I recently wrote a book for Corel/WordPerfect, The
Virtual Assistant Solution Pack.   It was great to finally see it published on their
site.   We also have had great success with our other books as well.  There's no
greater feeling than when someone writes you and says that they are in business
now because of you.  It truly is the best.

What are you working on right now to grow your business?   

I constantly do publicity for my business.  I write regular articles and press
releases.   I'm very active on forums such as
Momspreneur Online and Home Based
Working Mom .

What advice can you give about starting a home business?  

Get your name out there.  Write articles on a regular basis, and become the expert
you are. And write often.  You'd be amazed how beneficial that is for your business.

What do you do for fun when you’re not working?   

Go to the gym.  Sounds odd, but the entire family goes, so it's our family fun.   

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