Business Got You Stressed?  How Do You Spell Relief?
By Sandy Reed

When you are a home-based business
owner, time becomes an issue more
often than when you're someone else's
employee.  When I worked for AT&T,
it was very easy to separate my work time from my personal time.  Now that I work at
home, the lines of division have become blurred and I tend to think about work, even
when I'm not at my desk.  I no longer have children at home, so I don't have to worry
about robbing them of my time, but I know I'm robbing myself of down time -- time to
rejuvenate my body, mind, and spirit.

When I cross the line too often and work late at night and on weekends, I experience
anxiety, tension, and irritability.  These spirit-stealing emotions do not serve me or my
husband, who is also my business partner.  Feeling like I never get enough done, and
feeling scattered and unorganized, leads to unproductive days of trying to get my
desk clean and organized and my office in shape just so I can get my work done.

As I do in most of my life, I've learned to implement spiritual principles to help me
get back on track and complete those important projects and goals that will ultimately
bring in the money.

I've discovered the secret to creating the space to not just survive, but thrive in my
home-based business is to Start at the Source.

Stress comes from your mis-perception that everything is equally important and needs
to be done right NOW.  The truth is life will go on whether or not your perceived
emergency is done right now or later - in its own time.

When you feel stressed about what's not getting done, remind yourself that you live in
a universe of limitless resources.  Time is one of those resources that may seem to be
limited, but in reality there are no limits, because in reality there is no time.

Life is a series of actions we take, as a result of choices we make.  There is no real
linear time because every action we take in every moment is occurring right now.  
Right now, tomorrow does not yet exist.  If we make choices based on our inner
guidance, and take inspired action in every now moment, tomorrow will take care of

Each task has a purpose and a time in which it is meant to be done.   Part of its
purpose is for you to learn to allow it to happen in its right time.  If you're leading an
intuitive life, the right time for each task is revealed to you.  If you let stress go and let
each event unfold in its right time, based on your inner guidance, you will find there
is time enough for everything that truly needs to be done.

"But I have to get this done by a certain time", you may say.  If that's the case, your
inner guidance will urge you to take the steps to make that your dominate focus until
it's completed.   Stress comes into play when you ignore your inner promptings and
do other less important tasks first.  This is the time when you tend to meet stress's best
friend ' multi-tasking.

The key is to live an inspired life.  When you are being a good steward of your time
and resources, you are living an inspired life.  When you learn to listen to your quiet
inner voice and take action based on your intuitive feelings, you will be lead to the
next logical step to take to accomplish your goals and intended tasks.  You will also
discover you have all the time and resources you need to do both the ordinary and
extraordinary tasks, and do them in a peace filled, organized way.

Here's an affirmation you can utilize to help you consciously listen to your intuition.

"Today I let go and let the universe take care of each event in my life, through me, in
its right time."

About the author: Sandy Reed, Certified Life Coach, ex-corporate manager, and small business
owner, is the coach to call for support when you're ready to break out of the corporate rat race,
and create a life of freedom and flexibility. Visit her website at
Inner Clarity Life Coach for more
tools and information and to sign-up for her FREE 5-Step eCoaching Program.

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