What Makes a Really Good Office Chair
By Philip Culver

An office chair should always be
comfortable enough so that you can
work for a long time without much exertion. Before you buy an office chair, you
should make sure that the chair has all these features.

The features of a good office chair are as follows:

1. Height Adjustable

Every office chair must have a height adjustment facility. The most common way  to
readily adjust the height of your office chair from a seated position is by pneumatic
lever Earlier, to adjust the height of office chair you need to place a foot on the base
of the chair and spin it around and around to raise or even lower the height of the

2. Characteristics Of Seat Pan

Following characteristics are required in the office chairs seat pan:

Fabric – The fabric of the chair must be durable and permeable material that can
dissipate moisture and heat.

Seat pan depth - There should be a space about the size of a clenched fist between
the back of the knee and front of the chair. This will help maintain proper circulation
for the legs.

Rounded edge – Rounded edge will prevent uncomfortable pressure at the back of
the legs or behind the knees found at the front of the seat pan.

Seat pan tilt - This will allow room for posture changes and also help to alleviate
pressure on the back of the thighs.

3.  Backrest adjustment

A backrest adjustment helps to overcome the discomfort associated with sitting for
long period of time.  

Characteristics of a good backrest adjustment are as follows:

Height of Backrest – It provide support for the lumbar portion of your lower back
and allows you to find the best backrest height.

Backrest tilt - You can also adjust the tilt of the backrest to adopt different postures
while still keeping good support for the lower back.

Horizontal backrest movement - The horizontal adjustment allows side to side
adjustment, making the chair a little deeper for those who need it.

4.  Stability - A good office chair will have a five pronged base with the soft casters
for hard surface and hard casters for soft surface casters. Chairs with four prongs are
more prone to tipping sideways or backwards when the users leans in any direction,
thus are less stable. A good office chair is always stable.

5.  Armrests

In office chairs an armrest always provide you room to move. Armrest shouldn't
interfere with movement of hands. Computer chairs neednot to have armrests.
Armrests are required in chairs that will be used for reading, editing, or even doing
work on a desk. A good office chair has armrests that are of adjustable height, width,
and had adequate padding.

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