Does Your Office Space Support Your Success?
By Kendall SummerHawk

Each time I have a client
come to my office, they are amazed and inspired when they see my work space: it is
clean, pretty, and obviously put together with care for what supports my success.

Then I hear how their office looks and quickly understand why mine is such an

What I explain to my clients is that objects have energy and can either add to, or
subtract from our motivation and productivity. For example, I don't put piles of
anything on the floor. If I don't, then every time I see the pile or walk by it I feel guilty
that I haven't taken care of it (if that sounds familiar then please read on...).

This is called "psycho-geography" and it's one of the first things I have my clients focus
on. If you want to make more money and be more successful in your business then the
things you surround yourself with count!

Here are the same 6 simple tips I use to make YOUR office/work environment
support your success (instead of nagging at you to get more done):

Tip #1 Clean up the floor!

Yes, I DO mean get rid of every pile of paper, books, magazines, folders, files, and
whatever else is taking up your walking real estate. Think about it this way: the stuff
(and I'm being polite using that word) on your floor drags your eyes—and your
energy—down. Pick it up and get rid of it and you'll immediately feel lighter and
more freedom.

What to do with that stuff? Be generous in tossing it into the recycle bin or giving it
away. You can always find the information you need on the Internet, not on your floor!

Tip #2 Add something living to your office space

I always have a pink or red flowering plant in one corner of my office, sitting on a
small, decorative table. You might prefer a green plant or fresh flowers. Bringing
something living into your work area breathes in a sense of renewal and possibility.

Tip #3 Camouflage unsightly cords and technology

The mess of computer cords can easily make you feel that things are in chaos. Hide
them behind a plant or a pretty wicker basket. I have mine neatly tucked behind a pair
of matching ficas plants. When I walk in my office, I see the healthy plants, not the mix
of cords.

Tip #4 Add a piece of art to your space

Mine was free and self-made. It's my 'vision board' collage. You can hang a painting or
even a piece of found art from outdoors. Whatever it is, be sure it is something that
lifts you up when you look at it! Now imagine marketing and designing your business
with that same feeling of being lifted up!

Tip #5 Get rid of desk clutter

My desk is purposefully tiny so that I have no choice but to focus, focus, focus. I still
manage to have room on it for a few photos and mementos (like the hand-blown glass
hearts that were gifts from my hubby, Richard). Utilitarian items like a stapler, paper
clips and pens are neatly tucked away in a desk drawer, or in the basket that sits on
top of my PC.

Clearing off your desk space is clearing the way for new clients to come in, so get out
the trash bin and dive in! Wondering how to track your projects? Use a list or your
calendar, not stacks of paper on your desk.

Tip #6 If it's not pretty or inspiring, get rid of it

I am picky about what enters my space. The result is a feast for my eyes and a feeling
of focus and relaxation when I am working. Anything broken, dingy, tied to old
emotional baggage or just plain ugly is gone!

Going through and getting rid of things does not have to be a chore if you keep
moving and are ruthless about what stays. This is the perfect time of year to clear out
the old and make room for what you really want.

Besides, you have to let go to let new things (like clients, money, and happiness) in!

Read Kendall's HOW profile here and see a photo of her office...

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