10 Tips for a Cozy Cottage-Style Home Office
By Kathryn Bechen

Would you rather have
a comfortable cottage style home office instead of one with an industrial blue chair and
metal filing cabinets? My 10 tips will get you started.

1. Bright White.

Paint your old brown wooden desk and wooden chair white with a satin finish paint. It
will brighten up your room immediately and the satin finish will be more durable and
easy to clean than flat paint.

2. Charming Chair.

Buy a twin sheet and pillowcase in your favorite cottage style print. Put the pillowcase
over the back of any regular office style chair (the kind without arms). Fold the sheet in
a square and place it on the seat. Both can easily be removed for washing.

3. Creative Containers.

Look through your kitchen cabinets to find any pretty containers to hold pens,
highlighters, scissors, stamps, etc. Mugs and small pitchers work well.

4. Rug Regard.

Purchase a colorful cotton rug to spruce up the floor and add happy color.

5. Pretty Paint.

Paint your walls your favorite color. Color is important for productivity as well as

6. File Faux.

Consider whitewashing your wooden filing cabinets using ½ paint and ½ water and
applying with a soft rag. Metal filing cabinets can be taken to a body shop and spray
painted a pleasing color.

7. Art Smart.

Hang some of your favorite art in your office for enjoyment. Frame old greeting cards
or your children’s artwork for a quick dollarwise solution. Frame your certificates in
favorite frames.

8. Screen It.

Hide your copier, fax, and other office equipment behind a white shuttered screen
when not in use.

9. Lamp Luster.

Buy an inexpensive floral lampshade for an old lamp you already have.

10. Flower Finesse.

Buy fresh flowers for your home office to add cheer and happiness while you work. I
bought a sweet bouquet at the grocery store today for just $4.99.

Put on your thinking cap and you’ll be sure to come up with your own creative ideas
for creating a warm and inviting cottage style home office for yourself that you’ll want
to spend time in every day.

Meet the author: Visit Kathryn Bechen Designs to sign up for Kathryn's full color photo e-
newsletter of decorating tips and resources, and to view her color photo blog. Kathryn is an
interior decorating consultant, former professional organizer, and published author who has been
interviewed by and featured in San Diego Home & Garden Lifestyles magazine, the Omaha
World Herald, RealtyTimes.com and others. Her originally authored articles have been published
in newspapers and across the Internet and she has recently released the e-book, Moving With
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How to create a cozy cottage style home office

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