Creating Boundaries in a Home Business
by Ruby River

With the ever increasing stresses of today's work environment, more people are
deciding to move out of employment and move into a home based business.

This decision is being made for a variety of reasons, and while the end line is usually
the bottom line, flexibility, more often than not, is the key objective.

Our world is quickly turning into one where there is more work at home
entrepreneurs than ever before, and that number is continuing to rise. These are just
some of the benefits:

1. No commuting.
2. More family time.
3. Setting your own schedule.
4. Receiving the total benefits for your hard work (nothing like
being the CEO of your own creation)
5. Everyday is casual day!

Sounds appealing, doesn't it? It is, however, for those that have created a home based
business need to learn how to formulate, implement, and consistently adhere to a few

Boundaries are important for productivity, consistency and creating a flow. Most of
your family and friends would not consider calling you at your employment to
gossip, ask you to run an errand, or ask anything of you that would take up your time
or take you away from your employment during work hours.

Unfortunately, often for the work at home entrepreneur, family, friends and neighbors
do not really understand the distinctions that while you may be "at home," you are
definitely "at work," and that your "real business" takes "real dedication."

It is up to you to set the boundaries you want followed, and it is up to you to be sure
that it happens.

Obviously, before you begin setting out to set-up your business boundaries, think
about your individual business and its requirements. For example, if most of your
work is in an Internet home based business capacity, with very few, if any, real life
meetings or telephone calls, you have a bit more flexibility in your schedule. If, on the
other hand, your work at home business consists of meetings and telephone calls
during normal business hours, you will want to take that into consideration.

With all this in mind, here are three steps that could be taken in order to create and
implement those needed boundaries:

Normal business hours.

Not that you can not change things up here and there, because you can - this is why
you have a work at home business, but setting your normal, daily business hours will
help in a multitude of ways. For one, family and friends can be told that you work on
such and such days from such and such time and that unless it is an emergency, you
are not available.

Flexibility with structure.

Be aware of family events, errands, or other issues that may break up your day ahead
of schedule.  No, you can not always plan for these things, but when you can,
remember to work first and play later. This way, you can start your work day earlier,
or plan on working later to encompass those preplanned events. It is far too easy to
promise ourselves that we will "get back to something later," when without a
plan, we often do not. This will give you a less stressed work day so when those
unexpected things do pop up, you will feel more able to deal with them.

You have committed to a home based business and with this decision comes with it
the bottom line -- flexibility and yes, personal fulfillment. If you want to take your
children to school, pick them up from school; take an art class; go to the gym during
your work day -- these activities could be included everyday in your business
boundaries. It is your business and you are your own boss.

Put physical boundaries in place.

Take steps to decrease your interruptions. This could include setting up a work only
email address (and then do not check your personal email during working
hours!) having a dedicated phone line or cell phone for your home based business
(this way you can let your home number go to voice mail while you are working).
Also, you can create a "Do Not Disturb" sign for your office door - when you hang it
up and close your door, this will signify to your family that you are in serious work

For the most part, boundaries are about the realization of the commitment you made
to yourself when you decided to work at home. Decide on your boundaries,
communicate them, and then commit yourself to following through. The end result
will be a fulfilling home based business that gives you everything you desire!

About the writer: Ruby River is the proud owner of an established, home based business with a
system that cuts through  the hype and presents a genuine opportunity to exceed your income
goals working from home. Motivated, entrepreneur-minded individuals, visit:
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