When Will I Receive Visitors To My Website?
By David Fishman

I just finished my website
and I am ready to go. I sit
and wait and I do not see any
why is this?  I thought if I designed a nice website and published it on the
Internet I should be receiving tons of traffic, where is everyone.

What do I have to do to get traffic? Is there a secret that I don't know? No there is no
secret. You just need to know the basics, you can receive paid traffic the next day or
you can take the free route and be patient and wait for traffic, the choice is yours. Most
people want traffic yesterday.

Here are a couple of ways you can get traffic quickly, but you will need shell out the
dollars to do it.

1. You could pay for PPC advertising; this is basically advertising on search engines
and having your ad show up in the sponsor section.

2. You could pay for banner ads on high traffic websites. For instance I read about a
person who paid $2000 dollars for 1 month on a banner ad that was on a website that
received thousands of visitors a day. From this $2000 they made $20,000 dollars from

3. You can place ads on popular video websites, so when visitors watch the videos
they will see your advertisement.

4. Buy text links on high traffic sites.

If you are patient there are other ways of creating traffic, but it will take time to do.
Here are a couple of free suggestions to start creating traffic to your website. Do not
expect traffic for about 30 days. It will start slow but your traffic will build overtime.

1. Write articles about your business and submit them to article directories
2. Submit your website to directories
3. Create videos and publish them on video sites.
4. Write a press release and distribute the press release
5. Use the social bookmark sites
6. Make your content easy to understand so many people can understand and spread
your message.
7. Trade your articles with other webmasters
8. Create a piece of software code that others can use on their website
9. Post to a forum, build your reputation
10. Post to a blog, build your reputation
11. Publish RSS feed
12. Write testimonials for other webmasters products (make sure you receive a link
back to your site.)

By using these methods that I listed, you will create traffic to your website. It will just
take some time to do. Don't forget something very important about the methods I
listed, you must get links back to your website. These are like votes from other
websites letting the search engines know that your website is an authority website.

So when you are posting to a forum make sure you create your link in the signature. If
you are creating a video make sure the video site you are submitting your video to has
away of linking back to you or make sure you include your link in the video itself.
You want to make sure that people can find your website.

The name of the game is getting many 'one way links' to your website as possible.
These links will help your website move up in the search engine rankings. The more
popular your website is the faster your website climbs to page one.

About the Author David Marc Fishman created a system that help Internet marketers with link
popularity at
Social Link Network. Another linking system posts
to blogs and creates one way links at
Social Blog Trust.

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