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Home Business - Opportunities vs. Scams
By Stephen Perry

Whether you're just embarking
on a new Internet career or veteran of this vast and growing business you know
that there's always tons more information available to you to educate yourself.

How do you know what's an opportunity and what's a scam? Your television
(especially late night TV) is full of "opportunities." There's tactic upon tactic and
product on top of product to view and review. How do you know? Your email
box is full of "opportunities." There's more e-formation than any person could ever
digest. realize that if you're to get your maximum share of the wealth available
from the billions upon billions generated by the web you must use some of the
mentoring that's available to you at a click.

There's two points of fact here. One: if you read and purchased all of the
e-formation you saw you wouldn't have time to put much to action PLUS you'd be
penniless. Two: it would be foolish to think that every e-book, published book
and program carried true value. There's people who would just like to take your
money. We'll call them the Internet predators. Very little on the content side and
very high on the promises of wealth side. Dishonest people on the Internet?
Unfortunately that is the case. Not withstanding there are some outstanding
e-books and genuine information to help you through to your goals of financial
and familial happiness. You just need to be careful, very careful!

So this sets the stage for our dilemma. There's virtually (I mean this literally, also)
endless information to decide in which direction to go with a new home based
business. There's limited time to make decisions on which items carry true value.
And last but not least, you must be sure your hard earned money goes to someone
who is genuinely providing a service and great information. Not the folks who
have the sole intentions of emptying wallets and purses. With this in mind I've
compiled a list of 10 items that you must steer away from when starting your
home based business. Beware!!

10. A Promise to Make $100000 in 4 Months,$2637 a Week or Similar- There are so
many different types of work ethics, intellectual aptitude, technical knowledge, or
just plain follow through with different types of people.. A plan that guarantees
income without knowing who the person is leads to a pie in the sky program. It's
like saying everyone who you went to school with or work with would be a great
CEO of a business.

9."We Only Have 17 Spots Left"- Click off the screen and check back in a few
hours. Check back in a couple weeks, maybe. If you still would like your spot it'll
ll be there. This type of approach preys to the human emotion of fear.

8. "Make $10000+ Per Month Working 5 hours a Week"- Let's see here- That's 20
hours per month to generate $10000. Rounds out to about $500 per hour. There's
one word to describe this one "Unattainable." Rest assured that at 5 hours a week
you'll be dead far before you would be able to build a program to the level of
$10000 per month income. $10000 or more IS possible per month but it'll take more
that 5 hours a week to get there. Much more!!

7."My Friends, Wife, Family ,Partner Can't Believe I'm GIVING This Information
Away for X$$$'s"-
Neither Should You.

6. "Make an Easy Million Dollars"- People People. There's no such thing. So stop
falling for this. Would anyone say that winning a million dollars in the lottery is
easy? If earning a million were easy there would be no need to try to sell it at all.
That program would already be #1 on any and all book sales stats.

5. $2268 in "Free" E-books- There are many valuable additions to some great
programs but usually these are freewares and available to anyone on the net. Don't
trust anyone who says they're giving you $2000 worth of free stuff if they charge
only $47. Do the math.

4. "No Need to Advertise TurnKey System"- Advertisement is the true key to
success of any online business. Period. Do the ultra competitiveness of business
(remember your email box?) there is no way to expect to be successful without
you personally participating in letting your business be known through

3. "I Make $15000 Per Month-Sign Up and I'll Tell You How I Do It"- If you need
to sign up before you find out what you'll be doing It's probably something that
you'd rather not do anyway. You should think what else are they hiding from
me?? Probably a complaint.

2. "Start Making Money in 15 Minutes!" 15 minutes to buy a program, read and
comprehend what is, set it up on the net and get paying customers or a paying
assignment??? Even McDonald's rarely sells hamburgers that quickly.

1. "FREE"- Here's the Magic Sell Word!! This is business you know. Anything in
business costs money which must come from somewhere. Do take advantage of
free trials and introductory periods to see if the program or system is right for you
but please do not expect that any true business person is giving you anything
from just the kindness of their hearts. They had to pay for a website and the
information to sell you. You in turn will have to pay for the information or
products at hand. You are starting a business and must expect to accrue business

Thanks for letting us help with your online success!!

Meet the writer:
After spending most of my adult life at work 70+ hours a week I knew it was time
for a change. My son is almost as tall as me and I missed 80% of it all. I looked at
many opportunities to have a life and make a living because I know that it's
possible. Some 'opportunities' were outright scams though and a few can earn you
real money and give you a shot at a "normal" life. These reviewed will help you as
they have helped me."  Visit my Web site at:
Start Home Business.
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